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6th January 2012

Instagram is my new love, a mobile app that’s essentially an all-photo Twitter stream. I’ve been using it to do FatMumSlim’s Photo-A-Day project for January:

Me and the team in the first few hours of 2012. @dooce @abchao

“Hey, Bacon.” “Hey, Maggie. Wanna make out?” “Fuuuu. Yeah.”

Thing you adore
My high school sweetheart made this for our first concert. It has our initials on the back.

Something you wore
When I feel akimbo, it comforts me to dress like a ’50s librarian.

Handmade box full of old letters. Gift from my college roomie, who pasted my middle name on the front.

Thing that makes me smile
@DemetriMartin is so into you, girl.

Pro trip: If you’d like to follow Instagram on your laptop, try Inkstagram. If you’d like to follow me, that would be very nice. I’m MaggieMason.

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