Fridaaaay, Links!


Max Seddon’s photo of a young Russian protestor is like a Renaissance painting.

Related, Pussy Riot, the band imprisoned for giving protest performances in Russia, gives advice for women to defy Putin and Trump: “To persevere, Nadya Tolokonnikova says, it’s important to think in dubious times ‘how I could improve the lives of people around me… it’s only then — when you start to find a solution — that you will feel good again. Even in the darkest times, helping others is power.’”

I love you, robot. Oof.

Are you in the path of the total solar eclipse that happens in August?

Finnish Dish Drying Cabinets let you put your dishes away while they’re still wet. Why aren’t these in every San Francisco apartment?

Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive” is the right tempo for administering CPR. As is “I Will Survive.”

Skateboarding on frozen sand.

Correcting misogynistic graffiti is a new hobby we should all adopt.

Liability” from Lorde’s new album.

If I didn’t have inconvenient boobs, I’d order this swimsuit three times.

No-To-Scale imagines Trump’s wall as a 1,954-mile-long dinner table.

Custom Butt Weaving, have one done every year to honor gravity. via Miss Moss

Fridaaaay! Links

Oof. Guys. These last couple weeks have been so intense. This weekend we’re taking a brief break from grinding our teeth to do as little as possible. We’ll play with the baby Saturday, then maybe hit up the Alameda Flea Sunday and get some kettle corn for the big game. How are you holding up? Here’s some good stuff I’ve been seeing around.

This Missy Elliot video is beautiful. You can feel her brain all over it.

I want this Toi et Moi ring. Moi’s! Aaaaaall moi’s.

Jen Brea’s Unrest premiered at Sundance! BOOM. It’s a film about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and the stigma surrounding the disease. If you’re attending SxSW, there will be a screening there as well. Please go see.


These glass carafes by Anna Karlin Studios are so colorful and simple. via Cool Hunting

I waited to buy an electric tea kettle until I could find one that looked like a real kettle. This is the only other one I’ve seen in years, and it’s on sale.

An Open Letter From That One Guy Who Organized 3.5 Million Illegal Voters
“As Donald Trump has noted, we only wanted to have votes illegally cast in California and New York, because those were the states where a massive voting fraud scheme would matter the very least.”

As Einstein once said…

A device that turns compostable items into fertilizer in 24 hours.

My friend Erin Loechner has a new book out called Chasing Slow. Congrats, Erin!

Also, I pinned a bunch of stuff. Mostly old stuff I found on Etsy and bathroom design ideas, because I need to gut two bathrooms in the new place. That’s a lotta tile.

Fridaaaaaay! Links

This long weekend is a friend’s murder-mystery birthday party where I’m a trashy nogoodnik* and Brad is a trumpet player. Later, we’re attending a birthday where the host wants us to bring items to help compile care packages for people in need. Isn’t that nice? I think so too. Also a trip to the zoo, meeting a friend’s new beau in wine country, and so much laundry. So very much. Some nice links I saved for you:

The best podcast of all is My Favorite Murder. Do you listen to this? It’s not for everyone, but it’s probably for you, because you’re here reading this website so we sometimes like the same stuff. Bonus, the hosts are two ladies! Muuuuuuurdeeeeerr.

Dear person adding monsters to thrift store paintings, let’s hang out.

Did I ever make you listen to young Adele singing Sam Cooke? Do it! Or do it again! Gah. So good.

What are these flowers?! And when can I get them at Trader Joes? The world is ripe with crazy stuff that only rich people can access, until they figure out how to make the things more portable. Bring to me the monster mums, Economy.

Oh Happy Day did a sound reference post on how to hang party decorations. Useful.

Scott Weaver spent thirty-seven years building a toothpick sculpture of San Francisco. On exhibit at the Exploratorium.

As more states legalize, weed subscription boxes are popping up everywhere. See aforementioned point regarding portability.

Elisa Chavez’s poem “Revenge.” (via Kottke)

Attending the San Francisco Women’s March like. I hope you come too.

*Note to entrepreneurs: is available. I’m as surprised as you.

In Case You’re Ever on Jeopardy


Jerry Parr was the Secret Service agent who saved Ronald Regan’s life in an attempted assassination. He was inspired to become an agent because, as a child he saw Ronald Regan starring in a 1939 movie called Code of the Secret Service.

“It was such a strange thing,” Mr. Parr said, “seeing this image on film when I was 9 years old, and then I ended up helping save his life.”
quote via NYT



I got Hank a historical comic book Nathan Hale. I’m pre-reading to see if it’s too scary for a Christmas gift. Have you read any of these?

An East Coast Foliage Map for Fall.

I got Brad one of these Victorinox Digital Bags because friends on the Internet said thumbs up. I need to take a seam ripper to the logo tag on the front, but otherwise solid.

Cool Stuff My Friends Are Doing


Josh A. Cagan‘s movie The Duff is up for a People’s Choice Award! (Some of you may have met his awesome wife Kayla at Camp Mighty.) Voting takes about three seconds when you click this link, so throw some support his way. Good luck, mister!


April Walter’s released her 2016 Doughnuts of the Bay Area Calendar, and ours just arrived! If you’re looking for holiday gifts, her doughnut prints are also for sale on 20×200. Yay, April!

Lady Business

Why I Ran for 26 Miles on my Period
Kiran Gandhi – M.I.A’s drummer — ran the London Marathon with no sanitary products. Because? Well, because she woke up the day of the race on her period. She’d been training for a year, and running for 26 miles with a tampon didn’t sound healthy or comfortable to her. I found that to be legit. Everyone is so freaked about periods, and it irritates me.

Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard
Whoa. This is a graphic novel that follows two women through the abortion process. I haven’t read it, but it’s supposed to be a straightforward portrayal of what happens. I would have no idea where to go for that information if I needed it.

How’s that for a one-two punch of uncomfortable topics? Pow-pow.

both via Dazed