Fridaaaay! Links

Oof. Guys. These last couple weeks have been so intense. This weekend we’re taking a brief break from grinding our teeth to do as little as possible. We’ll play with the baby Saturday, then maybe hit up the Alameda Flea Sunday and get some kettle corn for the big game. How are you holding up? Here’s some good stuff I’ve been seeing around.

This Missy Elliot video is beautiful. You can feel her brain all over it.

I want this Toi et Moi ring. Moi’s! Aaaaaall moi’s.

Jen Brea’s Unrest premiered at Sundance! BOOM. It’s a film about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and the stigma surrounding the disease. If you’re attending SxSW, there will be a screening there as well. Please go see.


These glass carafes by Anna Karlin Studios are so colorful and simple. via Cool Hunting

I waited to buy an electric tea kettle until I could find one that looked like a real kettle. This is the only other one I’ve seen in years, and it’s on sale.

An Open Letter From That One Guy Who Organized 3.5 Million Illegal Voters
“As Donald Trump has noted, we only wanted to have votes illegally cast in California and New York, because those were the states where a massive voting fraud scheme would matter the very least.”

As Einstein once said…

A device that turns compostable items into fertilizer in 24 hours.

My friend Erin Loechner has a new book out called Chasing Slow. Congrats, Erin!

Also, I pinned a bunch of stuff. Mostly old stuff I found on Etsy and bathroom design ideas, because I need to gut two bathrooms in the new place. That’s a lotta tile.

3 thoughts on “Fridaaaay! Links

  1. I feel like Missy Elliott is some hip hop prophet from Planet Woman. And we are all from the past and cannot understand her wisdom yet.


  2. Funny story about electric kettles. After my first son was born, my mom was visiting and set my electric-looks-like-a-real-kettle on fire by putting it on the stove to boil water for tea, thinking it was a stovetop model. We managed to put the fire out without causing too much damage, but there was lots of stress about the smoke and my newborn, etc. Anyway. She bought me a lovely new electric kettle and life went on. Last year, I had a second son. My mom came to visit in our new house and set the new kettle on fire by again putting it on the stove to make tea. Had to call 911, etc. Etc. The next day she took me to get a new kettle and tried to sell me on a pretty electric one. Nope. Now I have a plain old kettle that goes on the stove, lest I have a third child and the inevitable happens.


    1. HA! I resisted getting an electric kettle for years. When I first got my kettle, I set it on the stove too. I snapped to just before turning on the burner. Hard to change body-habits when your brain is still at half mast.


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