I got Hank a historical comic book Nathan Hale. I’m pre-reading to see if it’s too scary for a Christmas gift. Have you read any of these?

An East Coast Foliage Map for Fall.

I got Brad one of these Victorinox Digital Bags because friends on the Internet said thumbs up. I need to take a seam ripper to the logo tag on the front, but otherwise solid.

Cool Stuff My Friends Are Doing


Josh A. Cagan‘s movie The Duff is up for a People’s Choice Award! (Some of you may have met his awesome wife Kayla at Camp Mighty.) Voting takes about three seconds when you click this link, so throw some support his way. Good luck, mister!


April Walter’s released her 2016 Doughnuts of the Bay Area Calendar, and ours just arrived! If you’re looking for holiday gifts, her doughnut prints are also for sale on 20×200. Yay, April!

6 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Re: the seam ripper: does he not like giant logo tags on his stuff?

    I don’t either, and have often thought about doing this, but worry about it looking sloppy or like it was stolen/counterfeit. Have you removed tags like this before? Are there tricks to making it look nice and clean?


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