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Aug 29 2008

More Blogs To Love

I’m taking a break from the computer for a week or so, and while I’m away I’ll be posting about a few sites you should read more often. Check back Monday for the first installment, and I’ll see you in a bit.

Aug 29 2008

It’s Your Fault

Aug 29 2008

Intel is Wondering if You Want Computer Equipment

Some of you may not care about free stuff, and for you, I have four photos of people interacting with wildlife in inadvisable ways:

1. Seals
2. Rhino
3. Sharks
4. Crocodile


I know, from that survey a while back, that lots of you are teachers, librarians, students, and parents. I’ve never done a sponsor giveaway before but holy crap, some of you are going to need this.

Intel is giving away $5,000 in brand new tech equipment to three people who post over here about why they need it (photos and/or video encouraged). They’ll also send over the guys from Hot Hardware to install everything and teach you how to use it. Nice.

Selection is based mostly on how compelling your story is — and you can nominate other people (!). The odds are pretty effing good, and you will be excellent at this. You will make the judges, laugh, cry, and bend to your will.

So what do you need that Intel has? They could make a tech station for your class. They could give you the ability to write and print term papers without fear of losing a month of work to a hard drive malfunction. They could provide a functional workstation so you could run a business from home and see your kids more.

Here’s more info, and here are the rules. I’m one of the judges, but please limit your persuading to the Intel site.

Do some good for yourself, your team, or someone who needs your help. I’m rooting for you, and I’ll tell you who wins.

Aug 28 2008

George Bush Would Still Be Terrified

I was watching TV last night when, suddenly, my shoulder and upper arm began to tingle and erupted in gooseflesh. It was so startling that I jumped a little. Did something just brush up against me? Some sort of crazy energy field? (We have those in California.) A ghost? Or perhaps the bony, beckoning finger of Death?

The isolated patch of goosebumps continued to prickle, and the bumps were extreme. “Look at this!” I said to Bryan. He examined my arm and murmured in appropriately confused tones.

Then I remembered I had eaten a single pretzel a few minutes earlier. Turns out they were coated in some sort of yeast powder. I tried another one an hour or so later, and the isolated goosebumps resumed.

So, it wasn’t so much an ectoplasmic energy transfer from the netherworld. It was a pretzel.

But! You may be saying, “Maggie? What if it was a magic pretzel that gave you psychic powers?” And that’s an excellent point. I’ll keep you posted.

Aug 26 2008

Families at Outsideland

Last weekend, we had media passes to the Outsidelands festival, a multi-day, outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park. The passes were courtesy of Crowdfire, a Web app that makes it easy to find out what people are saying about an event by aggregating attendees’ Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, and Facebook feeds. Useful, yo.

Anyway, Hank had a great time, and I was amazed at how many families were there. It’s nice when organizers take a few small steps — like allowing strollers, or not charging for wee ones — that make it possible to include your kids in the fun parts of grownup life.

Aug 25 2008

Robbed, I Tell You

So. What can I say about being burglarized that’s constructive?

Well, first off, none of us were hurt. The thief broke in in the middle of the day, and we all (oddly) happened to be gone. So the burglar got our stuff, but the baby is safe. It makes me feel better just to type that, actually. Isn’t it nicer when you don’t have to attack a guy climbing in your apartment window while the baby looks on? I think so.

Fortunately, our sentimental things are mostly not expensive things, but this whole robbery gig is starting to feel personal. As you may remember, in December, someone stole my purse while we were in Argentina. The car’s been broken into a couple of times in the last year (always in different neighborhoods), and Bryan had his bike stolen from a coffee shop near his office a couple months ago. Whee!

However, having a baddie inside the house is a whole new level of yuck. Seeing all our drawers dumped out on the bed, waiting for the police to come take fingerprints, noticing one thing is gone, and then another, all day long. It’s gross. It makes me want to give the whole apartment a shower.

Anyway, we’re fine, but shaken. For the next few days I’m going to try not to cry when someone cuts me off in traffic or is curt to me as I’m ordering coffee, and then we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who Twittered their concern. You guys keep proving how nice you are, and that is why I like you.

Aug 21 2008

From Your Keyboards to My Butt

So remember when I told you that most women’s underwear makes me want to stab people? I asked the universe where to get comfy yet stylish underwear, and 105 of you ponied up.

As a thank you, here’s a round up of the cutest and most oft’ name-checked undies in the all of Mightyland:

Adorable Enough to Risk It

Aerie Gobstopper Boyfly Boybrief (3 Votes)

$4 (on sale) from American Eagle

Maidenform “Micro & Lace” Boy-Short Panty (2 Votes)

$9 from Macy’s

Lulu Boy Pant (1 Vote)

$35 from Macy’s

Cute and Reliable

Hanky Panky Boy Shorts and Bikinis (7 votes) and Thongs (4 votes)

$34 each from Nordstrom

$26 each from Nordstrom

$18 each from Nordstrom

(I must interject here that I will wear thongs only for as long it takes to get me laid, but so many people mentioned these that I couldn’t ignore them.)

Women’s Mesh Hipster Underwear (4 Votes)

$3 each (on sale) from Old Navy

Straightforward Crowd Pleasers

Gilligan & O’Malley Modal Underwear (3 Votes)

$10 for two from Target

Hanes Body Creations Stretch Cotton Hipster (4 votes)

$8 for three from Amazon

Regular Rise Cotton Bikini (9 votes)

$4 (on sale) from Gap Body

Jockey Comfies Cotton Bikinis (4 Votes)

$24 for three from Jockey

There now. I feel more pleasant already.