Intel is Wondering if You Want Computer Equipment

29th August 2008

Some of you may not care about free stuff, and for you, I have four photos of people interacting with wildlife in inadvisable ways:

1. Seals
2. Rhino
3. Sharks
4. Crocodile


I know, from that survey a while back, that lots of you are teachers, librarians, students, and parents. I’ve never done a sponsor giveaway before but holy crap, some of you are going to need this.

Intel is giving away $5,000 in brand new tech equipment to three people who post over here about why they need it (photos and/or video encouraged). They’ll also send over the guys from Hot Hardware to install everything and teach you how to use it. Nice.

Selection is based mostly on how compelling your story is — and you can nominate other people (!). The odds are pretty effing good, and you will be excellent at this. You will make the judges, laugh, cry, and bend to your will.

So what do you need that Intel has? They could make a tech station for your class. They could give you the ability to write and print term papers without fear of losing a month of work to a hard drive malfunction. They could provide a functional workstation so you could run a business from home and see your kids more.

Here’s more info, and here are the rules. I’m one of the judges, but please limit your persuading to the Intel site.

Do some good for yourself, your team, or someone who needs your help. I’m rooting for you, and I’ll tell you who wins.

11 thoughts on “Intel is Wondering if You Want Computer Equipment

  1. Lisa

    Way to stomp on my poor little thesis-writing soul. Canadians get no love in the contest world, I’m sure the Hot Hardware guys wouldn’t mind a little cross-border jaunt!

  2. Hannah

    Based on the rules, it looks like a random drawing for the prizes. Is that true, or do the judges pick the ones they like the best?

  3. Alison

    I posted on the Intel site on Friday, and my post is still not up! (It’s Monday) Is there something I should know about a delay in posting?!

  4. Bonnie

    Those animal photos reminded me that:

    When I was 22, I got so drunk at a bachelorette party that when I arrived home with my roommate, and saw an albino possum crouched under our stairs, I decided to pet it. As my roommate screamed in protest, I flounced over to the creature, crooning to it, and gave it a scratch behind the ears. At the time I thought it was pleased to meet me. In the morning I realized it had simply “played possum,” or pretended to be dead because it thought I wanted to eat it.

    My old roommate still gets tense when we talk about it. She was sure I’d get rabies. Too bad no one had a camera.

    For a while after that my friends and I used to describe people as “possum-petting drunk”

  5. Alison

    Maggie help!! Intel will not post my post about why my special ed teacher Mom needs a tech overhaul!! I have tried contacting them to no avail. Any ideas?!

  6. Maggeh Post author

    I talked to the contest folks, and here’s what I learned:

    1. There’s a delay between submission and posting (though your post should be up by now Alison, do you see it?)

    2. The judges do decide who wins, though I agree that they seem to imply otherwise. I’ll find out what’s up with that.

    Thanks for the heads up, folks.

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