George Bush Would Still Be Terrified

28th August 2008

I was watching TV last night when, suddenly, my shoulder and upper arm began to tingle and erupted in gooseflesh. It was so startling that I jumped a little. Did something just brush up against me? Some sort of crazy energy field? (We have those in California.) A ghost? Or perhaps the bony, beckoning finger of Death?

The isolated patch of goosebumps continued to prickle, and the bumps were extreme. “Look at this!” I said to Bryan. He examined my arm and murmured in appropriately confused tones.

Then I remembered I had eaten a single pretzel a few minutes earlier. Turns out they were coated in some sort of yeast powder. I tried another one an hour or so later, and the isolated goosebumps resumed.

So, it wasn’t so much an ectoplasmic energy transfer from the netherworld. It was a pretzel.

But! You may be saying, “Maggie? What if it was a magic pretzel that gave you psychic powers?” And that’s an excellent point. I’ll keep you posted.

15 thoughts on “George Bush Would Still Be Terrified

  1. Stella

    It’s la Llorona!

    Sorry…just too into my research. But! This reminds me of that time I had too many strawberries…I already have big lips, after that allergic reaction, I looked like I had two pillows for a mouth.

  2. Krystyn

    Ironically, I have itchy ankles reading this. Just returned from a post-rain walk with the dog and the mosquitos nibbled on me.

    Or maybe they were ghosts… or pretzels?

  3. MR

    Maggie! What if you are allergic to those pretzels? Not to be a wet blanket, but this kind of non-localized reaction (unless you were rubbing them on your arm and shoulder) is often a precurser to anaphylactic shock. Don’t eat anymore of those pretzels until you see a doctor!!!

  4. Michelle

    And here I thought you were getting the goosebumps from watching Obama’s speech the other night. The last part of it certainly did that for me, and I’m just a Canadian. Imagine what it would do for someone that has the power to VOTE for him!

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