Families at Outsideland

26th August 2008

Last weekend, we had media passes to the Outsidelands festival, a multi-day, outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park. The passes were courtesy of Crowdfire, a Web app that makes it easy to find out what people are saying about an event by aggregating attendees’ Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, and Facebook feeds. Useful, yo.

Anyway, Hank had a great time, and I was amazed at how many families were there. It’s nice when organizers take a few small steps — like allowing strollers, or not charging for wee ones — that make it possible to include your kids in the fun parts of grownup life.

17 thoughts on “Families at Outsideland

  1. amyz5

    looks like a great time. start them young and they will grow up loving music. but i must ask, was the child in the hot pink costume not a bit warm? or is that just the price to pay for stylin’?

  2. Maggeh Post author

    Actually, it’s quite cold in San Francisco during the summer. The baby was wearing that because mom knew they’d be out in the evening and it was the only all-over-warm outfit they had.

  3. anna

    Looks like fun, though I can’t help wondering if my son would agree to the crowd control leash thingy. I think that might be a hard sell.

  4. j

    So what is the consensus on how young a human one could being to music festivals? We wanted to head out there for the show (from NM), but balked at bring our 11-week-old son. Don’t think they make noise blockers that small…


  5. Garywillson

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