7 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault

  1. Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer

    Owning my failures:
    1 – The falling apart of my first marriage
    2) – That I let myself get to about 210 lbs

    Presently – Owned and accepted my responsibility for them and today all is wonderful – Have a great Hubby and weight is under control – Happy size 8

  2. Jessi Panyk

    I went on that site and owned the failure of mainstream Christianity to be bi-partisan. I’m so sick of of the Republican Party hailing itself as THE Christian party. Ugh.
    I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t a Republican.

  3. Astrogirl426

    I went there and owned the loss of 2 minutes on the Doomsday clock from 2002 to 2007. Oh yeh, and my damn husband planning to vote McCain in November.

    I refuse to own responsibility for his future untimely demise, though. I predict a bus will be what does the trick.

  4. Jan

    I went and owned my failure to somehow impel a co-worker to vote in the 2000 Presidential election after he said he liked Gore but wasn’t going to vote because “one vote doesn’t make a difference”. If everyone who felt that way that day HAD voted, maybe… but I apparently didn’t do enough to persuade him. Spilled milk, water under the bridge, etc., but it doesn’t help that I failed to get that guy to the polls and make him cast his vote.

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