From Your Keyboards to My Butt

So remember when I told you that most women’s underwear makes me want to stab people? I asked the universe where to get comfy yet stylish underwear, and 105 of you ponied up.

As a thank you, here’s a round up of the cutest and most oft’ name-checked undies in the all of Mightyland:

Adorable Enough to Risk It

Aerie Gobstopper Boyfly Boybrief (3 Votes)

$4 (on sale) from American Eagle

Maidenform “Micro & Lace” Boy-Short Panty (2 Votes)

$9 from Macy’s

Lulu Boy Pant (1 Vote)

$35 from Macy’s

Cute and Reliable

Hanky Panky Boy Shorts and Bikinis (7 votes) and Thongs (4 votes)

$34 each from Nordstrom

$26 each from Nordstrom

$18 each from Nordstrom

(I must interject here that I will wear thongs only for as long it takes to get me laid, but so many people mentioned these that I couldn’t ignore them.)

Women’s Mesh Hipster Underwear (4 Votes)

$3 each (on sale) from Old Navy

Straightforward Crowd Pleasers

Gilligan & O’Malley Modal Underwear (3 Votes)

$10 for two from Target

Hanes Body Creations Stretch Cotton Hipster (4 votes)

$8 for three from Amazon

Regular Rise Cotton Bikini (9 votes)

$4 (on sale) from Gap Body

Jockey Comfies Cotton Bikinis (4 Votes)

$24 for three from Jockey

There now. I feel more pleasant already.

40 thoughts on “From Your Keyboards to My Butt

  1. I am SO glad you have aerie up there! I have a butt that won’t quit and I LOVE them. Even more so because I thought they were going to be the typical cheap ride-up, but they weren’t, because they’re awesome. 🙂


  2. Dear Maggie,
    Please, as a favor to your future self, wear something made of cotton. Other materials may be prettier but trust me… 🙂


  3. american eagle underwear is my favorite! every pair i’ve owned has stayed put, isn’t too high/low, and doesn’t sag like victoria’s secret.


  4. If you’re like me and have ever wondered if men’s boxer briefs would be really comfortable to wear around (or if you satisfied that curiosity by actually trying some on…) you may be pleased to know that hanes makes them for ladies now:

    I bought pink ones at target, and they really couldn’t be more comfortable (I guess they are the ultimate in panty lines… but whatever)


  5. Being an Australian, most of those brands arent available to me… Luckily I don’t need any of them because down here, we have Bonds. Best Underwear EVER!

    Love the first pair though. Totally CUTE!


  6. The Hanky Panky thongs are wonderful (and worth the price)! I’m five months pregnant with twins and plan to wear them for the duration of the pregnancy. They might get a little stretched out but I can hardly tell I’m wearing any underwear at all.


  7. Another vote for Hanky Panky. I wear the thongs when I absolutely have to, and the boyshorts the rest of the time. But look for the non-ruched variety–they have them at Bare Necessities, I think.


  8. I ordered the free BlogHer panty from HerRoom (I got the boy short) and OH MY GOSH, those panties are comfortable. They’re microfiber and unlike my cotton boy shorts, they do NOT ride up.


  9. How many of you spend $35 on one pair of panites? If so, are these your every day undies or special occassion? I must be living in a closet. I wear the seemless Jockey’s which are much less expensive.


  10. When I saw the title of this post I was expecting desert recipes or something, not a bunch of women’s underwear. I haven’t decided if am disappointed yet or not.


  11. Wow… So many different styles. But $18 for ONE pair? Holy shit! $36??? Uh, no. Unless they also did all the laundry, dishes, AND cleaned out the cat box, then…maybe.

    Yeah, I wear cheap underwear, and I stab people.


  12. Um…yeah…I think $245 is TOTALLY reasonable for one week’s supply of underwear. There isn’t anything BETTER I could do with that money.


  13. Hanky Panky’s changed my life. I’m glad they made the list. They are awesome! The thong…I never thought I would be able to comfortably wear a thong, but indeed the Hanky Panky is the answer.


  14. i love the hanky panky thongs – so comfortable and so pretty!

    they go on sale every year at the nordstrom anniversary sale. this year i think they were about $11, which is a great deal.


  15. Your honesty re: thongs is refreshing and hilarious. I was wearing them every so often until I got too fat for every pair I own…grr….

    I’ve not found a comfortable boy short but then I have hips that won’t quit so maybe I’m not built for them. They are cute but I’m just not motivated to try again.


  16. Thanks for an amazingly helpful post!!! I’m right there with you on the thongs (and love the way you phrased it). Though hear they’re the thing now that I’m pregnant — sit below the belly and you don’t have to worry about fitting an ever-widening butt. Sigh.


  17. Am I the only up in here who gave up on underwear altogether? Spanx for special occasions/skirts but I haven’t worn undies in 10 years and I’m a college graduate and have all my teeth and everything, I promise.


  18. Thongs for $18 even $11 is not at all reasonable! The amount of fabric and design that goes into thongs is less than a tank top. Think about it, you are basically paying $18 for a pantiliner.


  19. Hanky Panky’s are the BOMB. Here’s the thing though, you have to go through two or three days of getting used to the “what the hell” feeling and then you don’t feel them anymore and can say goodbye forever to VPL’s. One more thing, if you buy them…when you wash them, you need to hang them to dry, they get softer and then you don’t even know they are there! Take the plunge and buy them on sale, otherwise they are $$$!!!


  20. Hmm. This is good. I’ve been thinking a lot about tights lately as fall approaches and how they can be so fabulous, but comfy tights are hard to find. Anyone know of a great brand of tights that are stylish and won’t suffocate or constantly slip down to the knees?


  21. One vote here for abandoning women’s underwear altogether for boxers unless the quality starts improving. Digging the first one, though, damn I love polka dots.


  22. Another vote for Hanky Panky thongs (now they have organic cotton ones too). I like the lowrise option. Cute AND comfy, I swear. I purchased the Gap knockoffs once but they stretched out and didn’t last very long. Hanky Panky’s are pricier but last for years! Still wanting to know which ones you like the best, Maggie…


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  24. Just chiming in late, but wanted to give feedback on the Women’s Mesh Hipster Underwear. I also have trouble with underwear and these were SO Comfortable!! The sale was great, and although the shipping was a tad slow, the final result was worth it.

    Thanks so much for this feature!


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