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From Your Keyboards to My Butt

21st August 2008

So remember when I told you that most women’s underwear makes me want to stab people? I asked the universe where to get comfy yet stylish underwear, and 105 of you ponied up.

As a thank you, here’s a round up of the cutest and most oft’ name-checked undies in the all of Mightyland:

Adorable Enough to Risk It

Aerie Gobstopper Boyfly Boybrief (3 Votes)

$4 (on sale) from American Eagle

Maidenform “Micro & Lace” Boy-Short Panty (2 Votes)

$9 from Macy’s

Lulu Boy Pant (1 Vote)

$35 from Macy’s

Cute and Reliable

Hanky Panky Boy Shorts and Bikinis (7 votes) and Thongs (4 votes)

$34 each from Nordstrom

$26 each from Nordstrom

$18 each from Nordstrom

(I must interject here that I will wear thongs only for as long it takes to get me laid, but so many people mentioned these that I couldn’t ignore them.)

Women’s Mesh Hipster Underwear (4 Votes)

$3 each (on sale) from Old Navy

Straightforward Crowd Pleasers

Gilligan & O’Malley Modal Underwear (3 Votes)

$10 for two from Target

Hanes Body Creations Stretch Cotton Hipster (4 votes)

$8 for three from Amazon

Regular Rise Cotton Bikini (9 votes)

$4 (on sale) from Gap Body

Jockey Comfies Cotton Bikinis (4 Votes)

$24 for three from Jockey

There now. I feel more pleasant already.