Mighty Life List
Feb 28 2008

Tea Pantry

My canister of Jasmine tea pearls.

Tea makes me feel safe. It helps me write, it keeps me awake past 8:30 when we have company, it soothes my aches when I feel defeated.

I carry tea in my purse when we travel to alleviate homesickness, and generous friends have brought me so much tea that it fills a chest of drawers in our entryway.

Lately I’ve been reducing my collection to teas I can’t live without. A lot of them are from The Republic of Tea, because I get them in bulk at my local market, but there are a few others as well.

I’ve been collecting vintage tea tins with an eye to building a shelf for the essentials. So here’s what will live there:

Black Teas

Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea (loose leaf)
This smells as good as it tastes–a bit spicy, with a lot of floral and citrus. One of my top-two favorite teas.

Earl Grey by Mighty Leaf
This is traditional pick to have on hand for guests who just want a familiar cup of black tea.

Green Teas

Jasmine Pearls
Green tea and jasmine blossoms hand-rolled into little pearls. This is my other favorite tea, and I tend to keep a pot of it nearby while I work throughout the day. It makes the house smell great. I get mine from Chinatown, or friends who make business trips to China, but the tea linked above is the one you’re most likely to find at a gourmet foods shop.

Mystery Tea from China
Bryan was working in Urumuchi, China a while back and brought back exceptional teas for me. All the packaging is in Chinese though, so I have no idea what I’m drinking. My favorite isn’t long and grassy like most green tea. It looks like dark, balled leaves when dry, and unfurls into whole leaves with stems when brewed. It has a light, floral flavor. Any ideas?

Herbal Teas

Ginseng Peppermint by Republic of Tea
Strong, spicy mint tea with a sweet aftertaste. Similar to the sensation you get after you’ve eaten an artichoke and take a sip of water. My favorite herbal.

African Nectar by Mighty Leaf
I tend to find herbal teas too weak for my tastes, but this is a nice, strong, fruity herbal that I have when I’m too wired to drink another cup of real tea.

I also like plunking a big bunch of fresh mint or ginger in hot water to make a tisane when I’m avoiding caffeine.

Iced Teas

Good Earth Original
Good Earth makes flavorful bagged teas (I like their sweet Green Tea blend too), but this one is the best. It’s very sweet even without sweeteners, and is a strong cinnamon and spice flavor. Refreshing on ice.

Ginger Peach
by Republic of Tea
Exactly what it sounds like, and great cold (with or without sugar).


Mate Latte by Republic of Tea

For when I need a caffeine boost, or if I’m craving milk in my tea. It smells like cocoa, and has strong, comforting vanilla notes.

So those are the all-stars.

If you’d like to start trying better teas, but don’t want to give up the ease of using tea bags, you can’t go wrong with Mighty Leaf and Tea Forte. I find they’re some of the best whole-leaf teas that come in bags. I used to evangelize Steep Teas because they’re tasty and the matchbox packaging is bangarang, but now I can’t find the matchboxes online anymore. Boo.

If you’re a tea drinker, leave your favorites in comments.

Feb 27 2008

The Seduction Community

-I know you. You’re one of those girls who likes to pretend she’s good but is wild underneath.
-Yeah. Yeah you are. You’re a bad girl who just doesn’t want other people to know it. I like that.
-No. No.
-Awww. Come on.
-I see, you’re one of those who likes to play coy.
-No, dude. I could not be less coy.

Feb 26 2008

Old Notes From a Road Trip

Orange County, California summed up in three business signs visible from the highway:

1. Second Amendment Sports
2. Premium Meat Snacks
3. Flags Sold Here

Feb 25 2008

Host Gifts

After the 400th gifted bottle of wine, I was trolling the Mighty Goods archives looking for good, classic host gifts to restock our gift closet. I figured you might be interested in the results, so I pulled together a Classic Host Gifts guide. Next week, I’ll gather up the more unique, offbeat picks.

And while we’re on the subject, Girl Scout Cookies make awesome host gifts, but they’re tough to come by online. So find a scout and secure your thin mints while they’re in season!

Feb 22 2008

Overheard: Childish Things

Him: I’m way more a Barbie than a GI Joe.
Her: Seriously. Barbie was the one who had the dream house.
Him: Yeah! What does GI Joe have?
Her: More access to cute boyfriends.
Him: Point taken.

Feb 21 2008

Big Plans

Things I feel I should be doing more actively after reading this month’s O Magazine.

  • Figuring out what I’d do if I only had five years to live.
  • Doing what comes naturally, reflexively, effortlessly
  • Switching to Yves meatless taco stuffers
  • Figuring out what I’d do if money weren’t an obstacle.
  • Pretending that I am smart enough not to be distracted by the Grecian tragedy unfolding for the Spears family.
  • Figuring out what my regrets would be if I died tomorrow.
  • Measuring out five ounces of liquid to see how many servings of wine our enormous wine glasses actually hold.
  • Designing my life to bring me joy.
  • Meditating on compassion.
  • Relaxing.
Feb 20 2008

Mighty Finds

When Melissa and I took our road trip to Portland, we did some shopping at local antique and thrift shops along the way. Oregon, as it turns out, loves brown pottery. Anyway, we found a bunch of amazing stuff, and the first few items are up at our the Mighty Goods Store. Go have a look.