8 thoughts on “Old Notes From a Road Trip

  1. Jenn

    Ahhh…sounds like you were in the “inland empire” of Orange County. That’s the same area where you’ll find trucks bearing steel replicas of scrotums on their trailer hitch covers. Very classy folks reside there. I live in a more coastal area of Orange County and while it definitely has its flaws (way too many Ron Paul and Mitt Romney lawn signs) I have to travel a fair clip to find gun sports, premium meat snacks and dangly truck scroti (sp?).

  2. Kellie

    All you really needed to add was “Calvary Chapel” and “Rejuvenation Salon” to make it truly OC.

    (Inland Empire is not Orange County).

  3. lewlew

    I’m with Jenn…
    That’s what happens when you go “behind the Orange Curtain” and don’t head far enough west!

  4. Deirdre

    Speaking of trips, I’m taking one to San Fran this spring. I imagine some of your other readers travel to your hometown from time to time as well. As a local, have you ever put together a list of must-visit-but-off-the-beaten-path places?

  5. Jim

    Guns, meat “snacks”, and flags are way too un-yuppyish for the OC that I live in. It’s really more like Land Rovers, thousand dollar purses and “Where did you get that work done?”

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