The Seduction Community

27th February 2008

-I know you. You’re one of those girls who likes to pretend she’s good but is wild underneath.
-Yeah. Yeah you are. You’re a bad girl who just doesn’t want other people to know it. I like that.
-No. No.
-Awww. Come on.
-I see, you’re one of those who likes to play coy.
-No, dude. I could not be less coy.

14 thoughts on “The Seduction Community

  1. JuicyBit

    I’m guessing this happened while sitting in a cafe? I just moved to San Francisco and have had my share of skeezy cafe encounters as well. Like the greasy weirdo who, uninvited and in a largely empty place, sat down across from me, opened up his laptop so ours were back to back, then asked “mind if I sink your battleship?”

  2. pb

    When I read Neil Strauss’ book almost two years ago, I wondered what would happen if the “seduction community’s” techniques became popular enough to be common knowledge.

    Your response is much better than anything I expected.

    Now, imagine a cube…

  3. John

    There’s a seduction community? Do they have their own cafe? Maybe somewhere they can all chill and talk about the kind of stuff they would’ve been talking about in the big wide world, if their focus hadn’t been on chat-up lines.

  4. Amber

    My other personal favorite is the guy who, when I don’t smile at his annoying comments, says to me, “Why don’t you smile? I bet you look really pretty when you smile.” I bet I look even better when I smack you upside the head! People are weird.

  5. Michelle

    After his second line, you should’ve said, “Yes, you’ve caught me. But now you know, thus nothing can come of this.” Then spin around as if on a catwalk and shake your ass as you walk away.

  6. Jena

    I was once told that I had a beautiful smile. I was not smiling at the time. I pointed this out to him and he ammended his comment to suggest that if I did smile, it would be beautiful. I walked away, without smiling.
    Some men will try anything. Of course some of them need to.

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