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25th February 2008

After the 400th gifted bottle of wine, I was trolling the Mighty Goods archives looking for good, classic host gifts to restock our gift closet. I figured you might be interested in the results, so I pulled together a Classic Host Gifts guide. Next week, I’ll gather up the more unique, offbeat picks.

And while we’re on the subject, Girl Scout Cookies make awesome host gifts, but they’re tough to come by online. So find a scout and secure your thin mints while they’re in season!

18 thoughts on “Host Gifts

  1. Jules

    I’m so glad you mentioned Girl Scout Cookies. I was just at my sister’s house this weekend and somehow she managed to score 6 boxes of cookies, while our “shared” supplier never contacted me! There’s dissension in the ranks and I have yet to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, I’m going to check out your host gifts guide. I love Mighty Goods!
    House of Jules

  2. Melissa

    Thank you for listing those cherries. They are my man’s favorite, and I have been having a hell of a time finding a supplier!

    My choice – those cherries in vodka on the rocks.

  3. Megan

    I stock girl scout cookies like they’re going out of style. At one point in time, when I was unable to locate a girl scout from whom to buy cookies, I considered volunteering as a girl scout leader so that I could get cookies straight from the source.

  4. sarah

    when i was a brownie, i didn’t know that people _really_ wanted the cookies. i was shy and embarrassed to have to shill cookies to our neighbors so i barely sold any.

    after the cookie season, my mom’s best friend let me know that she was pissed. she had passed over other girl scouts to buy from me, but i never showed.

    that was 28 years ago. i still feel bad.

  5. gail

    I am the “cookie mom” for my daughter’s troop. Three weeks ago there were 82 cases of Girl Scout Cookies in my house. We are down to about 10. I thought I would get sick of them, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  6. sassy

    As someone from Winston-Salem, NC I love that you included Moravian Cookies. They are wonderful and part of my christmas traditions since girlhood! I recommend the ones from Dewey’s bakery. They are the thinnest cookies you have ever seen! And they taste heavenly.

  7. Laura

    Maggie – If Colin Firth is one of your hostess gifts, you are welcome to stay with me anytime. In fact, want to visit now?

    (Realizing its an ad but it was a delicious surprise this morning. Realizing also that this fawning over Colin Firth is eerily reminiscent of my mother’s love for Mel Gibson (pre-crazy). WOW. I’m getting old and cheesy!!)

  8. Barbara

    My husband shoveled our neighbor’s (older, single woman) driveway several times last year and this year, and when my daughter rang her doorbell with her cookie pitch, this woman had the nerve to say she already bought at the office. I wanted to shout, “Get a four-wheel drive vehicle, BITCH!” Next year please let me know if there are those in need of a Thin Mint fix! I will ship! Our ‘hood is overrunneth with ambitious Brownies, and my daughter is more like sarah above…

  9. Wendy Mac

    Girl Scout cookies are not allowed to be sold on-line, so if you do see someone selling them on-line, please do the right thing and support your local council instead of the person breaking the rules!

    If you do not know a Girl Scout, you can contact your council directly. You can order that way.

    And FYI, super-leaders, like me, stock Thin Mints year round. They make a great gift come September, when you can’t find them anywhere! If you do know someone who is a leader, or the parent of a Girl Scout, ask if they have extras available.

    And thanks to everyone for supporting your local Girl Scouts!

  10. Annie

    Love the list & thought I’d chime in with one more. I’m always a big fan of a fresh pineapple with a gorgeous ribbon tied around it. Cheap? Well, yeah. But for some reason I get raves. {I also do this for neighborhood holiday gifts.}

  11. Lyz

    I don’t think hostess gifts are really ‘done’ here in the upper midwest – you’d probably be perceived as hoity-toity. But then again, I don’t exactly attend fancy parties…at all.

    It’s more common for a houseguest to argue with the hostess over who’s treating whom to dinner. At least in my circle!

    But those gifts sure look fun! How about just as birthday gifts? For myself?

  12. Leah

    Last weekend a friend and I went to stay with my old college buddy for the weekend. (I say “old” because we just graduated last year.) My friend suggested we bring wine, or something, to our host. I was caught totally off guard.

    Our “host?” Are we adults now? Am I now expected to bring things? Can’t I just buy her a drink?

  13. Meg Hourihan

    So glad you mentioned host gifts, as they seem to be going out of style and that’s tragic. My mother and I were discussing them over the holidays, and guests who don’t bring them. My mother, who is usually so nice and doesn’t say inappropriate things snarkily said, “The guest who doesn’t bring a gift, or do something to help out when visiting, is the guest who isn’t invited back.”

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