He’s One!

20th February 2008

happy birthday, originally uploaded by rcarver.

This is Hank looking doleful at his first birthday party. He was alarmed by the volume of birthday wishes headed his way, and confused by the flaming cake, but everything worked out in the end.

The party theme was Balls!, and one of the guests brought him two. They were wrapped next to each other in tissue paper, and were spectacularly graphic. It’s possible all of us will pay in the next lifetime, but for now we’re enjoying ourselves.

22 thoughts on “He’s One!

  1. Squeeky

    Happy Birthday Hank! We share a birthday! Unfortunately mine was 35 years earlier than yours! UGH!

    BTW, he is the cutest little thing in SF!

  2. patricia

    One already? But wasn’t it just yesterday you were announcing his birth? No, seriously. Where does the time go?

    Sending fun-filled birthday wishes your way.

  3. Chris

    I saw that birthday theme (Balls!) in a Martha Stewart magazine and thought it was the cutest idea.

    Happy B-day, Hank!

  4. Meg

    Such a cute and classic picture. You look so timeless. You guys will love this years down the line. My dad had the same face at his first birthday party, and we used that picture on his 60th birthday invite.

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