Mighty Life List
Apr 30 2007

Superior San Francisco Moments

Bathroom graffito:

“…Be that as it may, with the political climate of today it is disheartening, and embarrassing, to call oneself an American.”

Overheard on the street:

“I’d say Thailand really has the best street food.”

Apr 26 2007

Mighty Dads

My awesome cousin Matthew is the father of twin toddlers. Adorable, bitable, squishy twin toddlers that will run you into the ground with their cuteness. If I were him, I’d be napping and/or sobbing softly in my free time, but instead he maintains two very frequently updated blogs.

Anyway, he asked me to do a guest post about fatherhood for his group site, The Blogfathers, and I was all, “Um. Matt? You know I’m a girl, right?” Conversation ensued that cleared up years of misunderstandings and shadowy family secrets, but in the end he wanted me to post anyway. Go see.

Apr 25 2007

Last Song

Rats! I’m so bummed that I was taking a nap when Andrew sent out this genius prompt. My answer would have been:

“Before He Cheats,” by Carrie Underwood
We turned on VH1 to supply the proper background noise for the sleeping kiddo, and this video was on. I almost lunged at the TV to change the channel. I had just gotten the damn song out of my head after (I do not exaggerate) a four-day brain rotation. For three nights, I was waking up to go to the bathroom and humming this maddening song. I finally cleansed by singing “I Got Rhythm” over and over because it was the catchiest song I could remember. Now I’m betting on the “I Dream of Jeannie” theme song, but no luck so far.

What’s the last song you heard?

Apr 25 2007

Flicker 24 Hours

I’m totally doing this.

Apr 24 2007


While reviewing pregnancy journal entries from last year, I find this…

Note from the first trimester: I can taste my teeth.

Apr 23 2007

Mighty Goods Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 13, and if you order a gift today, you won’t have to remind yourself a hundred times over the coming weeks. To that end, the Mother’s Day Gift Guide is up at Mighty Goods! As usual, it is wicked awesome. Go look.

Apr 19 2007

Dog End Towel Holder

Dog End Towel Holder, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

My kitchen needs something. Something special, something … whimsical! Yes, that’s it! Where could I find something whimsical? Like, maybe a dishtowel holder that makes it look like a dog is shitting out the towel? That would be perfect.