Thumb Police Actoin

18th April 2007

Bryan and I come to a mutually rewarding agreement and launch an elaborate high five, which involves many variations on the handshake. Bryan ends with a finger gun, but I finish by pinning his thumb to his hand.

-I win the thumb war!
-There was no thumb war.
-That’s what you think.
-That was an undeclared thumb war.
-That’s how we roll in the U.S. of A., Son. Uh!

9 thoughts on “Thumb Police Actoin

  1. Mau

    I think you should ask Mr. Hank… he will then decide whether it was a fair war or not…

    Bryan: He may be biased, and declare that it was a fair one. She’s the one with the food.

  2. BOSSY

    Bossy is pretty sure that according to Official Thumb War rules, one of the participants is not aware of the game’s importance while the other participant has their life riding on the outcome.

  3. Rebecca

    I’ve been addicted to saying “Awwwwwwwww yeah, that’s how I/we roll!” at the end of nearly everything these past few weeks, and I’m pretty sure someone’s going to put me out of my misery soon.

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