Dog End Towel Holder

19th April 2007

Dog End Towel Holder, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

My kitchen needs something. Something special, something … whimsical! Yes, that’s it! Where could I find something whimsical? Like, maybe a dishtowel holder that makes it look like a dog is shitting out the towel? That would be perfect.

18 thoughts on “Dog End Towel Holder

  1. Eric

    I don’t know which is more disturbing. The towel holder it’s self, or putting the towel in it.

  2. Dippy Chick

    This actually happened to my husband once! His dog ate his ex’s nightgown and soon after he noticed something hanging out of the dog’s butt. He pulled it and it was a piece of fabric and then “POP!”… a button popped out! I’ll have to show this to him. He’ll just die!

  3. hikooky

    According to, there’s a name for the condition of that poor dog’s derriere:

    n. Any elongated item (i.e. a plastic bag or a towelette)an animal eats and then in the process of defication [sic] the item hangs half in and half out of the anus.

    I find the image of the towel holder clever yet disturbing, and well worth sharing with friends!

  4. BOSSY

    This reminds Bossy of the time her cat ate some dental floss and, well, What Goes In Must Come Out, and all that – one waxy inch at a time. Bossy must say, though: Her anus was very flossed.

  5. Heather

    My beagel chewed our Christmas tree skirt to bits one year and had sparkly poop for a week. Why did I just share that?

  6. Cathy Cole


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  7. Tara

    holy crap – way to make me laugh, guys!
    My Lab puppy once ate a whole stuffed animal and yes, it came out like it went in…but much, much more smelly. We don’t buy stuffed toys for him anymore

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