26 thoughts on “Woody Wagons = Rock-N-Roll

  1. Lisa

    I remember the dreams I had of my daughter in frilly dresses. Those dreams died somewhere around the time she turned two.

    All three of my boys were born after my daughter so I knew dressing them in what I wanted to was shortlived.

    I don’t like most of what that site has to offer but the “Rock-N-Roll” area looks like things my boys would have all liked when they were smaller.

  2. Jenn

    Kids that are forced to wear those clothes are the same kids that get shoved into their lockers during their adolesence.

  3. megan too

    Clothing for bureaucrats in training. Full selection of sailboating shoes. Plus, “sunbubbles”. Whatever the hell that means.

  4. Ali

    Hi Maggie,

    I just wanted to thank you for your ingenious book. I received it for Christmas and my site and I thank you. Even my about and biography pages have benefited from your wisdom, not to mention my entries. I plan to implement many of your other ideas in the months to come. So thanks again. :)

  5. Angie

    I was actually going to say, if my job were to come up with puns and alliterative catchphrases like “Garden Giggles” and “Woody Wagons,” I would f*cking shoot myself. But then I saw Bossy’s comment, and now I, too, feel unoriginal. Maybe it’s this “Flower Power” t-shirt I’m wearing. :::claws at skin:::

  6. Eva

    I don’t like the clothes in the Rock and Roll section. The “Croquet Days” section is the one for me. (My son will thank me when he’s older.)

  7. Kay

    Thanks for this hilarious link. A little bit ago, I got a gloom and doom email from my grandparents-in-laws saying they are concerned that my son may have hydrocephalus. Hey thanks! What a great way to end my night with visions of shunts and surgery! My son has a big head. My son has a big body. My son is big. If you’re going to send the link to the Hydrocephalus Organization, at least read the friggin’ symptoms to discover, lo’, my little big guy doesn’t have any. So my now insomniac-driven point is your post and most all the ensuing comments cheered me up…sadly, said “rock and roll” (and I use the term LOOSELY) line would be purchased by aforementioned grandparents-in-law because they’re granddaughter-in-law is “creative” like that.

    I know they’re saying it out of concern but through email?!? Come on!!!

    Be thankful Henry has a normal-sized head but don’t you worry, you’ll still get your fair share of unwarranted advice!

    But seriously, you did cheer me up.

  8. HDC

    My husband had only one bit of input in the boy’s clothing selections – Don’t put him in anything faggy. I guess I better not forward him on that link, huh?

    (btw, all the gay dudes I know would most certainly tag that stuff with an unqualified ‘faggy’.)

  9. Megan

    When you receive a shipment of clothes from them, do you think it automatically comes with the forms necessary to change your kids’ names to something like “Skip” or “Buffy?”

  10. Jennifer

    Let’s just say I’m… ahem… a little slow tonight & didn’t catch the sarcasm in “surprisingly subversive.” When I couldn’t read the text on the Woody Wagon shirt, I imagined it said “Check out my woody” & came back here to the comments section to see if I was right. I’m going to bed now.

    But first: Kay. You not only have grandparents still (I know, in-law grandparents) but you have grandparents who FLAGRANTLY ABUSE THE INTERNET. How cool is that? Go granny!

  11. Jennifer

    oops – sorry. It was “startlingly counter-culture” not “surprisingly subversive.” I didn’t even get the real text right!

  12. capacious

    It’s so late and I’m so stupid and drunk that I thought you were serious and went looking for cool clothes for my boys. Then it was like, “Wha? I don’t see anything cool here. I been bamboozled!” Thanks for making me feel dumb AGAIN. Like I needed that. Thanks.

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