Superior San Francisco Moments

30th April 2007

Bathroom graffito:

“…Be that as it may, with the political climate of today it is disheartening, and embarrassing, to call oneself an American.”

Overheard on the street:

“I’d say Thailand really has the best street food.”

14 thoughts on “Superior San Francisco Moments

  1. You can call me, 'Sir'

    It would be even lovelier in a way if the bathroom-wall statement began with “For a good time, call 1-800-MAN-LOVE. Be that as it may…”

  2. amanda

    You’ve got the streets of San Francisco, I have my dining room table “careful, asparagus chokes” and “that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

  3. Tammy

    It’s true. Thailand really does have the best street food. I haven’t been able to enjoy domestic pad thai since I returned from Bangkok.

  4. T

    Damn straight Thailand has the best street food.

    Who doesn’t like sitting by the side of the road in Bangkok, inhaling all the cars exhaust?

  5. reavolution

    See, now that first comment makes me glad I don’t live in San Francisco. It’s nice for visits, but not for political antics. (Of course, even a flag-waiving, Republican-loving person can still

  6. Nothing But Bonfires

    God, I hope it wasn’t MY conversation you overheard. I found myself uttering the very pretentious line “I think we enjoyed the Khmer food best while we were traveling” on the street in San Francisco the other day.

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