25 thoughts on “Line 29

  1. Heather

    BRILLIANT! I have always thought that the people at google are hilarious. Their April fool’s day joke at gmail was awesome too.

  2. jessica

    and if they hadn’t told me that, I would totally be swimming in circles. That, or standing on the eastern seaboard going…whoa, WTF!

  3. Kate

    As a Google employee (and non-geek – I work in marketing, not engineering, and am totally not smart enough to follow the engineer conversations I overhear on the way to lunch!), I’m glad to see people are tickled by the directions. It’s fun working at a company with a good sense of humor.

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  5. bug

    My favorite part is the slight right after you’ve just swam across the ocean. Just a slight one…

  6. Ida

    Delurking to say that is awesome. And it says only 31 days. I don’t know that I could swim that far in a month.

  7. Alexandrialeigh

    Personally, I like line 61. Who is this Mr. Visserplein? He sounds interesting, and my sister is single!

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  9. Kirsten

    Its delightful that the return trip from Amsterdam also involves a swim across the Atlantic.

    However, I’m sad to say that if you look for directions from SF over the Pacific to, say, Hawaii, the directions cannot be calculated by googlemaps.

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