Mighty Dads

26th April 2007

My awesome cousin Matthew is the father of twin toddlers. Adorable, bitable, squishy twin toddlers that will run you into the ground with their cuteness. If I were him, I’d be napping and/or sobbing softly in my free time, but instead he maintains two very frequently updated blogs.

Anyway, he asked me to do a guest post about fatherhood for his group site, The Blogfathers, and I was all, “Um. Matt? You know I’m a girl, right?” Conversation ensued that cleared up years of misunderstandings and shadowy family secrets, but in the end he wanted me to post anyway. Go see.

15 thoughts on “Mighty Dads

  1. Maggie Ann

    Maggie! Your post was fabulous. It made me thing about my love and how I know he is the right one because I would be proud if I, one day, have a little boy just like him.
    Also, that picture of Hank and Bryan is so perfect. They are like two peas in a pod. And Hanks outfit (Baby Legs!) is beyond adorable.

  2. BOSSY

    Bossy loves Maggie’s litmus test for men. Bossy’s was similar: “Must love the prospective mate’s life without me in it.”

  3. samantha jo campen

    My dad died when I was three, so I have very little reference as well. I’m also married to a Bryan (with a ‘Y’!) and would be thrilled if our son (whenever he may come a long) would be like his daddy.

    Excellent post, and congrats on Goombah status!

  4. aimee/greeblemonkey

    I didn’t know you lost your dad early. Mine died when I was 11. Although he wasn’t the best model of fatherhood. It colored my feelings about dads and parenting for a long, long time.

    I am proud to say that my Bryan is much more like your Bryan, though. :)

  5. David

    During my younger days I watched horrified as I became much as my father had been. He was gone, (mostly), from my life by the time I was four, and dead by the time I was eighteen. I strove to undo the learning and become a good father to my daughter. She told me a couple of years ago how happy she was to have had me as her Dad.

  6. Christy

    I had a phone chat with my mom last night that echoes your post.

    She said that she remembers thinking that she always wanted to have a son (she had three daughters first) but was afraid that he would not be a “nice boy.” Two days ago, she sent an email to her sister who lives far away and whom we haven’t seen in years. In the email, she told my aunt that my 17 year old brother, Bobby is a very nice boy and that was when she realized that she had achieved her goal. And then she said to me, “I shouldn’t be surprised. He has a nice dad.”

    It was very sweet.

  7. mamie

    i did not read yet but i will when the sleep deprivation wears off…my husband just became father to twin boys, amazing, beautiful twin boys…i will definitely need to check out your cousin’s heroic accomplishments.

  8. mamie

    okay. just read it, not crying yet but i may…i feel the same about my tim, unbelievable, the changes a man like that makes in a woman’s life

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