Mighty Life List
Dec 28 2006

Who’s Complaining? Oh Wait, It’s Me.

So say you’re about eight months pregnant and things have reached the back-aching, no sleeping, shallow breathing stage.

Now, suppose you come down with a sinus infection that halves your already meager amount of sleep and energy. Then say that the copious nose blowing creates a large cut in one nostril. This cut becomes infected and swells into a nostril cyst. (A visible, dead sexy, nostril cyst.) Huh. Is that a cold sore coming on? It is.

You suffer through through three weeks of swollen feet, stopped-up nose, dry mouth, painful nostril swelling, burgeoning cold sore, and then one morning, you wake up feeling better. You’ve had almost a full night’s sleep, you can imagine a day when you’ll breathe through your nose again, the cut is healing, the cold sore has subsided, you can almost hear Julie Andrews singing through the window.

That night, your long-gone morning sickness returns in full force.

Kiddo, you’d better be pretty effing cute.

Dec 28 2006

The Goods

Sock Monkey Ornament

Originally uploaded by MaggieMason.
In early December, NPR asked me what I got for Bryan this year. I couldn’t answer, because obviously Bryan was listening. Our tradition is to only buy stockings for one another because we both think that part is the most fun.

Anyway, now that he knows what he got, you can see too. The stuff that’s available online will probably be showing up on Mighty Goods in the near future (if it’s not already there).

Bryan is an amazing gift buyer, so if you’d like to see what he got me, those presents are here. Not pictured is the GPS he got for our car. I’m one of those people who could get lost a block from our house, so I pretty much cried when I opened it.

What were your favorite presents?

Dec 27 2006

Written in Stone

Clement Street, printed in the cement in childlike block letters:

“You are not my boyfriend.”

Dec 25 2006


The kid already has me awake at 5:30 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I encourage you to have cookies for breakfast today.

Dec 21 2006

Warm Fuzzies

Stacked headlines onCNN yesterday:

Wall Street bonuses bubble into the billions
Dining on rats to survive in Zimbabwe

Dec 19 2006

Welcome, Benjamin Hazlett Passmore!

In case you hadn’t heard, Andrea and Matt had their little baby boy! Also, he’s incredibly gorgeous, and not in an “all babies are beautiful by definition” kind of way. Good genes, those superheroes.

Dec 19 2006


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