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  1. MontanaJen

    So I’d been bumping around reading the beautiful tributes and memories of your friend, and found myself with tears streaming down my face, though I’d never met Leslie.

    “This is so silly” I thought. “I don’t even know this woman.”

    And then I continued reading, and wished so very, very much that I had known her, for within her achingly GOOD writing was an undercurrent of kindness and mother-ness (word?) we all need.

    I’ve printed off, cut out, and taped to my monitor a quote one of the writers passed on:
    “Greatness only occurs when obsession meets complete vulnerability.” because when I read it, two days after interviewing for a job that I desperately wanted (but have been afraid of being rejected and therefore have been keeping my resume to myself), I know that having those words staring me in the face when I choose comfort over greatness will prod me toward the latter.

    And I’m sorry this comment is so long, but I will also remember this section from A Brief Catechism of Rock Shows whenever I’m tempted to roll my eyes whilst sitting in my hipster bliss at a show:


    Q. Who can rock?

    A. In most cases, anyone with the twelve dollars to get in the door can rock. This does not mean just because you feel the frat boy next to you lacks the depth and sensitivity to appreciate Ben Kweller’s tortured soul, or the drunk chick attending with her three identically dressed friends who collectively only know one Ethyline song because it was once on Dawson’s Creek (while naturally you were into Sludgeworth back when you were 15) that they have any less right to be in attendance than you. Yes, even that old creepy guy in the back with the out-of-style leather jacket with the bald-guy ponytail has a right to be there, and to rock in his own little way. Save those sideways glances for your elected officials, kids, everyone will be better off if you just ignore them and concentrate on making your experience as pleasant as it can be. If ‘pleasant’ for you means ‘mocking others,’ then perhaps you should seek counseling, as this is not a trait that will serve you well in any situation, but that’s another issue altogether. Remember, and this will need repeating over and over through these lessons: You are there to have fun. Everyone is there to have fun. Fun is something that makes people happy. Remember the happy bit, as it becomes crucial later in the rules.

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