9 thoughts on “Welcome, Benjamin Hazlett Passmore!

  1. Dave

    Argh. I hope MG doesn’t turn into a baby blog. Maybe it’s already too late! I think he looks like all the other babies- small, soft, helpless, and taking away all your sleep. Nothing special to me. I know everyone gets all excited about babies… but it’s not really that exciting. Babies = boring if they’re not yours. Anyone can do that. Now show me a woman juggling babies and chain saws, THAT would really be something!

  2. Jennifer

    I hope Dave is joking a little bit!! Yes, I do think that unless they’re yours, babies aren’t the kind of thing that you want to focus on, but by the same token, I do think that if they belong to someone you know has tried really hard to have a baby, it’s a little different…

  3. Rachel

    Very cute baby. It would appear that even though your circle of friends lost a life, another was gained. That in itself, should keep people’s chins up.

    That baby was born on my birthday, but I’ll share.

  4. buttercup

    Your friend’s baby is adorable!

    I came by to check you out because my friend Wood, at Sweet Juniper, just sent me a “I fuck like a girl” t-shirt and the blogging book. I love both gifts. They’re wonderful. I’ll be back to check out more of your mighty goods.

  5. melissaS

    I’m not usually a fan of the newborn baby. They’re typically kind of ugly, unless they’re yours (and I had one that was pretty urgh….and she was mine.)(She grew cuter!).

    But that baby is really beautiful.

  6. Lisa

    I LOVE seeing babies and photos of babies. My youngest is now 14 so it’s been a long time since I’ve been around a baby. My first grandchild is due to be born around my birthday (Big 40) in February. I am so excited because for various reasons I feared I would never live to see grandchildren.

    I think Ben is beautiful! Yes boys can be beautiful too.

    I also wanted to take a moment to thank you for your book. Haven’t figured out where to post to thank you so figured what the heck I’ll just do it here.

    I started my blog in 2005 as a way to share our housebuilding project with distant family. We did almost all the work ourselves so it was tough work.

    When I got diagnosed with cancer I found huge support from people I don’t even know through my postings. Since quitting chemo and trying to learn to LIVE again I struggled with my posts but didn’t want to give up.

    I stumbled across a link for your book on LeahPeah’s site and happily purcahsed it. I have posted almost daily since. Evidently your words gave me the little extra push/encouragement I needed.

    Thank you!

  7. Donna

    Oh- I’m sending you the hugest best wishes! I must say, Benjamin is fortunate to have a very adept team of photojournalists documenting his best moments. I have no doubt that any baby news will be artfully communicated quelling any speculation of some baby-blog devolution. And, in the end, to those who don’t like it, so what. [I was going to write “fuck them” but thought it too rude for a baby congratulatory note.]

    May you get as much sleep as possible.

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