8 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies

  1. lara

    wow, that’s amazing. do you think someone was feeling really cynical that day and did it on purpose? seems like the kind of thing i might do, given control of headlines like that.

    also, this is my first comment here, but i just wanted to say i love your book, and i’ve been enjoying your blog since i started reading a week or two ago. thanks! :)

  2. Vikki

    Yesterday, I was walking around in downtown Minneapolis. There was this family sitting in the skyway having a picnic with all of these sub sandwiches. About a foot away, a homeless woman stood with a sign – “Homeless and hungry please help”.

  3. amy.leblanc

    the gap between the rich and the poor is never made more obvious than during this, the biggest Consumer Holiday Time of the year. it’s part of the reason i don’t do gifts, because it makes me sad to spend money on things people don’t need when there are so many out there who do. i know i’m a minority on that, but compulsory gift giving now gives me the opposite of warm fuzzies for this very reason and so i stopped doing it. i know you were half joking when you posted this, but thx for bringing up such an unChristmasy topic – i for one appreciate it.

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