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28th December 2006

Sock Monkey Ornament

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In early December, NPR asked me what I got for Bryan this year. I couldn’t answer, because obviously Bryan was listening. Our tradition is to only buy stockings for one another because we both think that part is the most fun.

Anyway, now that he knows what he got, you can see too. The stuff that’s available online will probably be showing up on Mighty Goods in the near future (if it’s not already there).

Bryan is an amazing gift buyer, so if you’d like to see what he got me, those presents are here. Not pictured is the GPS he got for our car. I’m one of those people who could get lost a block from our house, so I pretty much cried when I opened it.

What were your favorite presents?

27 thoughts on “The Goods

  1. Genevieve

    Those are great CDs! Elizabeth Mitchell’s other two kid CDs are also fabulous, as is the one she did with Lisa Loeb.

  2. Judy

    My husband is playing with the Roomba that Santa got us from WOOT!. By “Santa” I mean my hubby bought it for himself.
    The best thing I got is an Edelweiss pink Swiss Army knife from the hubby and a Topsy Tail – As Seen on TV! from my aunt who sends all kinds of crazy stuff!

  3. Mocha

    I can’t even talk about it. It’s so depressing. All this good karma prior to Christmas and I end up with something he bought me a few years ago and then didn’t have “activated”. No, it’s not soybeans.


    Don’t make me. I don’t want to say it. Don’t.

    No. I can’t do this.

    Buy, hey! Lucky you! You got awesome stuff!

  4. MomVee

    My in-laws got me a faux fur vest which I never, never would have picked for myself but am really enjoying. The gift tag said “Girls just want to have fun!” so I was kind of dreading opening it for days, and it was a pleasant surprise.

  5. Cindy

    My boyfriend replaced my old Speedy Gonzales glass that I clumsily broke a few weeks ago. And he made a calendar out of our favorite pictures. He’s the best. Also, I got a crockpot from my brother! Yeah! And some yarn from a sheep farm! Woo! It was an awesome year!

  6. lara

    best gift was a totally new and different hairstyle – chopped off all my hair and i feel great. i needed a big change to go with all the huge life changes – break with fiance, moving out on my own, etc. i feel better than i have in a long time. totally awesome gift from mom. :)

  7. Catie

    My favorite gift this year was the Jonathon Adler Utopia teapot from my parents. I love it so much I put it on my nightstand so I could see it first thing in the morning.

  8. Kate

    Red Shoes

    Ravenclaw scarf (every one in the family got a house scarf ala HP, despite the youngest being 25. My older brother declared he really ought to have been a Slytherin. Someone stopped me in the grocery store to comment on it. Awesome.)

    The London Review of Books Personal Ads Book

  9. Jannie funster

    I love the set of bookends Jim gave me for the shelf above this desktop because without them I’ve been unable to organize my books, papers and CDs, vacuum the carpets, clear my shelves in the other rooms, clean out the fridge, scour the tub, clean the microwave, rake the leaves, put the laundry away, bake twice a week, drop the dog off for her haircut and do the dishes every day.

  10. Gooseberried

    A brand new pair of Jimmy Choo black pumps. I just graduated from NAU, and my mom says a sleek pair of black pumps is the best thing to have entering the working world.

  11. Matthew

    My favorite gift was watching JT and Bri totally try and comprehend what the hell this Christmas thing was. All they knew was that church was way too long and that new toys rock. Especially plastic fruit and vegetables bought from the 99 cent store – not so much the twenty dollar fisher price town scene.

    Oh, and I’m jealous about the GPS. I don’t get lost but it would look totally cool in my car.

  12. MarkDM

    I opened the box from my wife and discovered a Padres cap. “Hey, cool,” I said, and I meant it.

    “There’s a note,” she said.

    There was indeed a small piece of paper in the bottom of the box. It explained that my wife had gone in with some co-workers on a season ticket package and that we’d have great seats for a half-dozen Padres games next summer.

    Greatest wife ever. Now I just have to get the tickets to a Cubs game.

  13. CortneyTree

    What did I get for Christmas? Engaged! And if I didn’t know how busy you’re about to be with the Little Mason there, I’d be BEGGING for you help/advice/spiritual guidance/etc!

  14. Andrea

    My ex-boyfriend/best friend bought me a package at a spa, and also threw in a touque. And not just any touque. It’s green and pink in an argyle pattern. Pretty much the best touque ever!

  15. Trasi

    What is a touque?

    My best gifts were a mason jar full of hot chocolate mix with marshmallows that my daughter’s teachers at her preschool helped her make and wrap for me, some hand-blown Mexican water glasses with confetti colored rims from my sister, and my amazingly awesome new Canon PowerShot Elph camera. It’s nothing “oh my GOD,” in terms of technology or whatever, it can’t zoom in on a blade of grass a mile away like some blogger cameras can, but it is WAY THE HELL BETTER than my previous Fujifilm A300 from early 2003! That was the husband’s gift to me. He loves to buy technology. And he’s cute.

  16. sophia

    A hacked, all-region DVD player that also plays burned discs. Now I can purchase all that great British TV that’s been tied up in licensing deals (Spaced, here I come), and more importantly, watch all the stuff I download for free on my television instead of my husband’s dinky laptop screen.

  17. Lisa

    I’m jealous of Renee with her Nikon D80, maybe I’ll get one for my birthday but for Christmas it would have to be my new Brighton purse. I can never have enough purses – shoes I have two or three pairs but purses, :) you don’t want know.

    And if only I could get a GPS for the car I wouldn’t have to try figure the best routes to geocaches or zoom in on the handheld GPS trying to read the names of roads.

    Love the sock monkey!

  18. rik

    my wife and in-laws each got me several gift certificates that got me about half-way to a decent DSLR…tax refund season will hopefully get us the rest of the way =]

  19. dani

    FAVOURITE: the Canon 400 EOS that I bought for finishing my postgrad study (from the joint credit card so WE really bought it).

    NOT FAVOURITE: The Kris Kingle present from someone at work. A plastic cocktail shaker and porno playing cards. So not me.

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