5 thoughts on “Learn to shuck oysters? Check.

  1. Adina

    I have been so busy I have not been able to update my go mighty website. But this morning I took some time and added some things I’ve made in the recent past and tagged them I think appropriately. I have always wanted to win a Mighty Girl thing. I donated to that charity water thing and I thought I would win some of your miscellaneous treasures but I don’t think I won that. I kept on checking to see if i Donated enough and I thought I did but who knows. I sort of just wanted the stuff you were treasuring to be the stuff I could treasure. hahah I know this comment is crazy but I can’t stop typing!

  2. Maggeh Post author

    Oh no! Adina! You should have won crazy treasures. Will you email me at maggie at mightygirl dot com, please? Thanks.

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