Outside Lands Style 2013, Tonya, Saj, and a quick shot

People always say, “I couldn’t pull that off” and they’re talking about a low-cut tank top. Do you see Tonya? Green cowboy boots. Green sunglasses. A satin jumpsuit. And, what the hell, a fur vest.

Look at her face. She’s like, “Hey.”

Now tell me again about what you can’t pull off.

Everything about Saj’s outfit is understated perfection, but particularly consider the subliminal message of the Fitbit and the watch. “I keep in shape. I engage with people outside a phone interface. I want to go on walks alone with you, during which we will have a real live conversation.”

It’s possible I’ve spent too much time in San Francisco.

Drunk people would not stop photo bombing, so we didn’t catch this girl’s name. Let’s call her Heidi. Super cute dress, Heidi. Well done.

All photos by Mai Le of Fashionist. Head over there for more festival fashion from Outside Lands.

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