You Made This

You guys have been making intimidating stuff. Like violins? And chairs? Meanwhile, I’m unwilling to work with any tool that plugs in unless it comes with glue sticks. Or hot rollers. This is probably because I can’t drink wine while I’m using a table saw.

Anyway, we’re in our final round of the I Made This Project on Go Mighty. If you’ve been making stuff, just add the tag #imadethis to a story. We’ll enter you for a chance to win a $400 package of good things. (And I’ll announce the winner August 30.)

If you know how to use a table saw or a sewing machine, now’s the time to make me feel inferior. Like so:

I’ve mentioned Caitlin before. She’s learning how to make a violin and sharing the process on Go Mighty. Most recently, she whittled the scroll and put in the Filletatura. Every time she posts, I’m like, “Still? I would so be the girl with the half finished violin in my closet until I die.”

Lorien is sewing and gifting a new stuffed animal every month for a year. Most recently she made dragons as a wedding gift.

Liz crocheted these washable, reusable face scrubbies from yarn. Good for your skin and the environment. She also used the word “cunning” to describe an object. One of uuuuuus.

This ramen from the Momofuku cookbook took 9 hours to make. Which, in cooking years, is almost as long as it takes to gestate a child.

More things. More things!:

• About half of us have pinned this, Kellee actually did it. The rest of us are just killing ourselves slowly.
• Tara rescued a chair from an alley and tried her hand at reupholstering for the first time. Success.
• Karisa has been sewing since she was 10, but this shirt is the first piece of clothing she’s ever made for herself.
• Robyn is making and giving away 1,000 hats. I wear mine constantly.
• Amy is finishing all of her unfinished sewing projects, and she made something I want.

If you haven’t posted your project yet, do! It can be something, you cooked, wrote, drew, whatever. Making stuff automatically makes you a more interesting person. And better looking too.

Go Mighty is our Life List community for people who get it done. If you’re not a member yet, let’s fix that. Sign up, and we’ll send an invite your way within 24 hours.

5 thoughts on “You Made This

  1. Wow, how cool to see the violin up there! Thanks for sharing it. In Minnesota in the summer, it is illegal, actually, to spend time indoors in any kind of wood shop or other indoors (unless it is your main job). So, things are going slowly into August but will pick back up next month.


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