Outside Lands Style 2013, Jaci, Hannah, and Kristina

22nd August 2013

I wrote ten short posts on Go Mighty to kick start my goal to See 1,000 live shows. Only 990 to go! This will be my last festival style post for Outside Lands. Thanks for the photos Mai!

I cannot resist elementary school teacher chic, or maybe it’s the grin. Either way, I’m pro any look that says, “I have a distinct personality, and I like to read.”

Also, curly hair with bangs! So it can be done.

Still love a jumpsuit, especially for a day when you want to feel pretty but need to sit on the ground a lot. When we saw Hannah walking away, I was bummed we didn’t get a photo of her from behind, she had a little racer T-back action going on. Cute.

Lots of people are afraid to wear red, but look how lovely it is. Red is classic and fun, and it makes you easy to spot in a crowd when your friends are searching for you. And another thing…

Attention, lady friends. If your boobs aren’t smacking you in the face when you run and are still upright enough that you don’t think twice about going braless? Please consider how elegant you look in plunging V necks. Carpe diem. Other women would like the opportunity to applaud at your good fortune as you pass.

All photos by Mai Le of Fashionist, with whom I had lunch by the river yesterday.

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1 thought on “Outside Lands Style 2013, Jaci, Hannah, and Kristina

  1. Meg

    Yes, we will applaud you with only a twinge of envy. Enjoy it for the rest of us!

    (I wore an old sports bra while walking the dog last night — I’d already changed into my pyjamas — and I will never make that mistake again. OWWW.)

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