Web Crush: Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child

I recently checked “Form a workplace with people I love” off my Life List. Now, every day until Valentine’s Day, I’m saying thanks to someone whose work online has inspired me. Today’s crush is Rebecca Woolf.

I met Rebecca when we were filming Momversation videos. Remember those?

REBECCA WOOLF is beloved because:

    • She’s a wit. Have a glass of wine with Rebecca, and you’ll swear someone is feeding the woman lines. The awful puns, the sideways glances, I’ve begun to laugh even when I see photos of her.

    • She’s a sister. Rebecca just roots for people. Wherever you turn your attention, she does her best to get behind you.

    • She’s resilient. This girl is a mother of


    . The first baby a surprise, which led to an unexpected marriage, then another baby, and why not go for one more? Finish up the baby having when you’re young? Except Rebecca and Hal got twins. Of course. And damned if she hasn’t rolled with every new challenge. Rebecca does not waste energy fighting the current, but if you try to swim upstream, she’ll wait for you on the bank with a cigarette.

From Girl’s Gone Child:

“Once upon a time before I was married I used to say things like, “Well, when I get married I’m still going to have sex all the time because I’m so into sex and sexsexsexsex I’m so sexual!” Because in those days, I had no idea what the hell I was talking about… read more.

My Crush series is part of RedEnvelope’s Crush on You initiative, which is about showing gratitude to the people who make your life better.

11 thoughts on “Web Crush: Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child

  1. Yes, this. Rebecca is my #1 web/girly/mom/woman crush. She’s so inspirational. I say that even though she’s younger than me, I want to be her when I grow up.


  2. I ran into Rebecca during a trip to LA a few years back, and when I introduced myself and told her I read her blog, she was wonderful – warm and funny and made me feel like it was treat for her to meet me, not just vice versa. She is a gem, and her spirit shines brightly on her site.


  3. Err… the second two babies? The second baby is the awesome Fable followed by the twins. Maybe they’re the third babies?


  4. She is so so awesome. I have been reading her blog for so long and I never tire of her wit and insight and appreciation for life. And the TMIs.


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