Life List: Form a Workplace with People I Love? Check.

22nd January 2013

“Form a workplace with people I love” is a goal so huge and subjective, it’s been difficult to decide whether it was finally time to check it off. While I thought it over, I remembered the hundreds of interesting people I’ve met in the last decade. Makers who love being online, both because we always have a project to share, and because the Web helped us form our teams… Read more on Go Mighty.

I’m teaching at ALT Summit this week, and I can’t wait to see the gang. Woot. If you’re coming, Go Mighty is throwing a Crush on You Party with RedEnvelope Friday night, which means Laura Mayes will be checking something off her Life List while we’re there. The party is a love letter to online doers, and you can read more about it on Amber and Sarah’s Life Lists as well. I’ll also be hosting two sessions Saturday, so please come say hi.

(Image of Amber Marlow at Camp Mighty was snapped by the talented Leslie Fandrich, who is always the girl to whom you should hand your cell phone when you’re looking for something iconic.)

2 thoughts on “Life List: Form a Workplace with People I Love? Check.

  1. Danielle

    This is one of my dreams too. I want a place where I can do meaningful, creative work with people who share the same vision and want to put excitement, adventure and vibrancy out into the world!

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