Web Crush: Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind

23rd January 2013

I recently checked “Form a workplace with people I love” off my Life List. Now, every day until Valentine’s Day, I’m saying thanks to someone whose work online has inspired me. Today’s crush is Erin Loechner.

Erin and I met at the very first ALT Summit, which is where I’ll be later today. She had long hair back then, and was wearing her grandmother’s boots. (Right Flickr? Right.) A couple years later, we spoke at ALT together.

ERIN LOECHNER is beloved because:

  • She listens. Erin is paying attention. She’s especially attuned to the people around her, always asking a followup question and checking in.
  • She’s tough. Erin leads with sunshine, and she has a lot of it in her, so everyone thinks of her as a kid sister. But try messing with her or someone she loves. Erin can be a mama bear when the situation calls for it.
  • She embodies my version of feminism. I don’t know quite how to put this, but to me feminism isn’t the rejection of girly things. It’s the assertion that feminine pursuits are no less valid than traditionally masculine interests. Erin leads with femininity, inclusion, warmth, a passion for beautiful, shiny, fluffy, vivacious, intelligent things. And she is crushing it in business. Crushing it. Go sis.

From Design for Mankind:

The Rebirth of Slow Blogging (and a New Direction)

“We live in a world of more; this much is obvious. More things, more information. More time-saving tricks we use to find the time to uncover even more time-saving tricks. We live in a world of Pinterest, where visual images shoot out like firehoses of pretty, manifesting themselves in the parts of our brain we reserve for planning elaborate feasts and fetes. We have hundreds of RSS subscriptions to blogs creating amazing tablescapes and Halloween costumes and DIY floor lamps. And we take it all in, bookmarking each project for future use when “someday” is finally today.

Yet friends, I fear that someday will never come. Because there will continually be more to do, to see, to buy. And our someday file will slowly become outdated with a new sea of ideas and thoughts promising to fulfill our lives in ways we never dreamed possible… read more.

My Crush series is part of RedEnvelope’s Crush on You initiative, which is about showing gratitude to the people who make your life better.

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