Web Crush: Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

21st January 2013

I recently checked “Form a workplace with people I love” off my Life List. Now, every day until Valentine’s Day, I’m saying thanks to someone whose work online has inspired me. Today’s crush is Jordan Ferney.

The above quote is one Jordan’s mom cited to remind her kids to keep their eyes on the prize. Image by Mai Le of Fashioni.st

JORDAN FERNEY is beloved because:

  • She’s a striver. We once went to a Sephora, where she sat down at the makeup counter and said, “teach me something.” When we met she had a whole list of things she wanted to apprentice for a year: paper art, floral design, bookbinding.
  • She’s a fan of the impossible plan. Buy an enormous letterpress and learn to make stationery? Sure. Move her family of four to Paris with a new baby? Done.
  • She helps out. In fact, she’s one of the most generous, helpful people I’ve ever come across.

From Jordan’s site Oh Happy Day:

Pop-Up Dinner Party Underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

Miss Jordan, you are a peach.

My Crush series is part of RedEnvelope’s Crush on You initiative, which is about showing gratitude to the people who make your life better.