More Ideas for Your Life List from Go Mighty

My friend AnnaBeth has begun a project to take 1,000 polaroids thanks to a donation from the Impossible Project.

How would you make the most of 300 square feet?

“My idea for the 16 Doors Project was borne from two parallel ideas: telling my story and finding my roots.”

If you’ve ever wanted to design your own font, Kathryn is detailing the process in a series of stories on Go Mighty.

What do-gooders do with extra produce. Thanks for the idea, Stefanie.

Helena wants to run after more than the G train.

What’s new on your life list?

2 thoughts on “More Ideas for Your Life List from Go Mighty

  1. Great info. I love looking around the web when I am not cleaning the house finding interesting blogs and information like this. Great to see some off the wall posts rather than the normal same old posts that are everywhere. Well, better get back to the cleaning!


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