Mighty Closet: Portland Street Fashion

18th September 2012

This girl was waiting for lunch at the food carts with me. Doesn’t she look like Katie Holmes? She works at a used and vintage clothing store in Portland, and I love the way she looks so casual but so pulled together. It’s tough to pull that off successfully.

Oh, Portland. You dress so cute.

7 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Portland Street Fashion

  1. LaurenR

    You’re here in Portland, Maggie! Yay — I thought it seemed like a better day than usual :) We’re having lovely weather for you — enjoy!

  2. Amanda

    My first thought was that her mouth looked like Katie Holmes’! Wasn’t sure if that was because I just started re-watching the entire Dawson’s Creek series, though. Glad you see it, too!

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