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Mighty Closet: Portland Street Fashion

18th September 2012

This girl was waiting for lunch at the food carts with me. Doesn’t she look like Katie Holmes? She works at a used and vintage clothing store in Portland, and I love the way she looks so casual but so pulled together. It’s tough to pull that off successfully.

Oh, Portland. You dress so cute.

Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 5

9th November 2009

Whoops. Future posting snafu — sorry if you were looking for this on Friday. Now without further ado:


Ka-POW! That that, little black dresses.

This is Mai’s cocktail dress, the kind of thing she’d wear as a wedding guest. It’s a Diane von Furstenberg column dress, which she picked up at a vintage store on Divisadero.


Her shoes are certifiable. They’re by Walter Steigler, and I’m still trying to figure out the physics involved. The downside is the pain, the upside is that Mai never has to carry around a compact when she wants to check her lipstick.


Mai looks so badass in this picture. We should have posed her with a baseball bat beating down an intruder. Hindsight.

Anyway, it’s cold at night in San Francisco, so every dress needs a layering piece. This denim jacket is Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons.



The jacket has so much detail, stitch patterns, shoulder slits, but the printed lining is particularly fun. Mai’s Caveman hammered ring from is from Fancy Jewels, and her square ring is from a trip to Mexico City.


Another piece that’s even cooler from behind. Mai is the master of walking away from you.


She picked up this two-finger ring in Bangkok. It’s the kind of accessory that elevates the most boring outfit. Not that Mai has ever had that problem.


Thanks for letting us into your closet Mai! You have me thinking very differently about shoes, my friend.

Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 4

5th November 2009


This is secretarial Mai and her trusty steed, a 1978 Raleigh Rampar 3-speed. The blouse is vintage, and this is an outfit Mai would wear to deliver her sandwiches — one of which I happen to be eating as I type this:


It is delicious.


So many of Mai’s outfits have unexpected pockets, it’s tempting me to sew pockets into all my skirts. (More pockets in women’s clothing, designers! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but girls totally have hands.) Mai’s skirt is by Feral Childe an Oakland/Brooklyn label. It’s from this Spring’s Yosemite Collection.


The day-glo shoes are a bit of a DIY project. They’re by Again and Again, but Mai cleaned them up and painted them. Why has it never occurred to me to try this? Tights are by We Love Colors.


Vintage gold clutch with room for a hundred dollar bill, and a lipstick. And a cellphone and an extra pair of tights.


Here’s a detail shot of Mai’s dreamy headband with a little girl gazing up at an airplane. It’s the Cloud 9 gold headband by YellowGoat. Works particularly well against Mai’s dark hair, I think.


Tomorrow, we wrap up Mai’s closet feature with her cocktail look. Her shoes will end you, people.

Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 3

4th November 2009


Here’s what Mai wears out to hear live music — a short skirt because she knows she won’t be sitting much anyway, and extra comfy shoes for the same reason.


Her V-neck sweater is Comme des Garcons for Play. It comes with the creepy little heart.


I’m pretty covetous of Mai’s pink sequin skirt, though I doubt I’d get the use out of it she does. For example, I’d wear it on New Year’s Eve; she wears it grocery shopping.


Who makes a sequin skirt with pockets? F. House, a Ho Chi Minh City-based designer — Mai spent several months in Vietnam recently. The skirt is a sample that never went into production.


Mai’s shoes are by Ann Demeulemeester. Great for travel, and for round about the cauldron goings on.


And again, a little something happening at the heel.


Her bag is also Comme des Garcons. It’s a Beach Ball Handbag and has big leather knots on either side.


Mai did her hair in about fifteen seconds by rolling it up from the bottom and securing with bobby pins. I don’t know why more women don’t use bobby pins anymore. They make it so easy to pull your hair back in an interesting way.


Mai loves to jump in photos. She’s an instigator of jumping photos too. Tomorrow, join us for Mai’s Secretary About Town look.