Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 5

Whoops. Future posting snafu — sorry if you were looking for this on Friday. Now without further ado:


Ka-POW! That that, little black dresses.

This is Mai’s cocktail dress, the kind of thing she’d wear as a wedding guest. It’s a Diane von Furstenberg column dress, which she picked up at a vintage store on Divisadero.


Her shoes are certifiable. They’re by Walter Steigler, and I’m still trying to figure out the physics involved. The downside is the pain, the upside is that Mai never has to carry around a compact when she wants to check her lipstick.


Mai looks so badass in this picture. We should have posed her with a baseball bat beating down an intruder. Hindsight.

Anyway, it’s cold at night in San Francisco, so every dress needs a layering piece. This denim jacket is Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons.



The jacket has so much detail, stitch patterns, shoulder slits, but the printed lining is particularly fun. Mai’s Caveman hammered ring from is from Fancy Jewels, and her square ring is from a trip to Mexico City.


Another piece that’s even cooler from behind. Mai is the master of walking away from you.


She picked up this two-finger ring in Bangkok. It’s the kind of accessory that elevates the most boring outfit. Not that Mai has ever had that problem.


Thanks for letting us into your closet Mai! You have me thinking very differently about shoes, my friend.

21 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Mai Le, Outfit 5

  1. I know you haven’t been doing this forever, Maggie, but would you feature people you don’t know? My friend Delaine lives in San Francisco and she has great fun funky style I think you (and your readers) would love. She is at http://www.delainemosaic.com/ if you are interested. Or email me. xo.


  2. This is kickass, quite literally. I could never, ever wear those shoes. But really quite stunning and makes Mai look beautiful, not at all frumpy.


  3. The greatest thing about Mai’s style is that she is dressing for no one but herself. She wears what she likes, and does not care at all whether or not she has the approval of other people. I don’t dress a thing like Mai, but how incredibly boring would it be to see only pictures of people who dressed like me and bought only things that I would? This Mighty Closet is great.


  4. Mai looks incredible and I find her creativity very inspiring! I think that jacket has a bit of a superhero element to it too. Can we get a tutorial on how to walk in those heels?
    Please keep the mighty closets coming, they are so fun!


  5. I love mighty closet so much! Thank you Mai and Maggie for this treat. I live in a small town and I never see anything interesting fashion-wise around here (I include myself in this sad state of affairs). This series is the funnest thing ever.


  6. I kind of want to marry her. I feel like my sense of style just got a big, much-needed ass kicking.

    Also, Rebecca, I vote you for next Mighty Closet, for you are my style guru.

    That is all.


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