13 thoughts on “Life List Uniforms: Open a Swiss Bank Account

  1. I too would love a Swiss bank account, but I’m sure they would laugh when my daily balance would be something like $20.
    I would also require a hat of some sort. Either a beret or fedora.


  2. i got married in switzerland and needed an atm. “swiss bank” had completely escaped my mind. i walked into a giant room, tall like an atrium. everything was white marble. there wasn’t a sound. in the middle there was a small black desk with an impeccably dressed man behind it. honestly, my first thought was, “am i in heaven? did i die”? the room was otherwise empty. he walked over and i’m still dumb, thinking the bank must be on another floor. i inquired about the atm and he gave me a kind smile and said, “dis eez not dat kind off bank”. STILL CONFUSED, i thougjt about it a second and said, “Oh!” my husband was so jealous.


  3. Oh no, despite being dressed for the part, you might have to take this one off your list- Switzerland no longer allows Americans to have a swiss bank account. Crazy but true. Even Americans who live and work there were forced to close their accounts.


  4. I wouldn’t recommend having a Swiss bank account. I have one (being Swiss), but if you live abroad, the fees can be pretty horrendous. Also, people automatically assume you’re some sort of … Romney.


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