Free Stuff! Mighty Summit Gift Giveaway

19th September 2012

When we were pulling together gifts for the Mighty Summit, we set a few aside to give away.

If you’d like to enter to win one, please share an item from your Life List in the comments below. One winner will be chosen from comments on this site, the other from Mighty Summit co-founder Laura Mayes’s Blog Con Queso.

Now for the fine print: Please only leave one comment on each site, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Wednesday. You have to live in the United States or Canada to enter, because holy holy the shipping is ludicrous if you don’t. Fingers crossed for you.

Update: We have two winners, announced here and here. Thank you to all who participated!

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Mighty Summit Giveaway | Mighty Girl

1. Ephiphanie Camera Bag by Maile Wilson (shown in top and side views)
These compartmentalized camera totes were designed by Summit photographer Maile Wilson, who used to wrap her DSLR in a towel and shove it in her purse. Sound familiar? Contest winners can choose form any of the designs and colors shown on the site. So you should probably get a yellow one.

2. Chevron Necklace by Feisty Elle
This delicate wood necklace is by San Francisco designer Leslie Yang of Feisty Elle, who makes light easy pieces that make you look pulled together in jeans and a T-shirt. We love this necklace because it resembles an arrow, which is a symbol of courage.

3. Tieks by Gavrieli
Gah! These are my favorite things. Tieks are beautifully made, non-skid flats that fold up to fit in your purse. Once you try them on, they’ll never leave your feet, and they stand up to years of daily wear. Contest winner can choose among the rainbow of fruit flavors available on the Tieks website.

4. Scarf by Mixed Bag Design
These soft scarves go with everything, and the Mixed Bag website allows you to hold fundraisers for causes close to your heart.

5. Bliss Beauty Soaps and Scrubs
In blood orange and white pepper. Do not eat them.

6. The Quintet Necklace by Lemonade Handmade
Another favorite thing that makes me sigh. Every year, Mighty Summit attendees make a list of five things they hope to accomplish in the coming year. This delicate, simple necklace symbolizes those goals. Tiny brass rings just within reach.

7. Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown
A book that encourages you to go be brave. We are pro bravery around here.

8. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, by Jenny Lawson
Mighty Summit alum Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess, wrote this movingly funny book, which includes a chapter on the very first Mighty Summit, and photos of me slaughtering the author with a meat cleaver.

9. Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin
Summit alum Gretchen Rubin is once again on the New York Times Bestseller list with her sequel to the Happiness Project, a tome about a year of seeking happiness at home.

10. Oh Happy Day Piñata
Jordan Ferney, the genius behind the website Oh Happy Day, made these teeny eeny piñatas by hand, and they are perfect. You’ll wish you had two so you could pit them against each other.

11. Lands End Canvas Tote
These extra-large natural zip-top tote bags by Lands End are awesome for trips to the pool or beach, picnics, and summering on your fleet of yachts.

12. Daring Greatly Action Book by Behance
Get started on your Life List goals! This notebook is designed to help you plan visually, too.

1,676 thoughts on “Free Stuff! Mighty Summit Gift Giveaway

  1. Rachel A.

    Complete my PhD in 2014 (and compel all of my friends and family to start calling me “Dr” – not in an obnoxious way, though, rather in a cute and endearing fashion). :)

  2. krissy

    Somehow buy/obtain my former nanny’s house and restore it to its former glory, complete with chickens in the coup and a lush garden like I remember.

  3. Kristina

    Steal a cop car. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with doing this, and obviously I’m waiting til I’m old enough to have it written off as “crazy old lady hijinx” but I’m making it happen. You’ve inspired me.

  4. Melanie

    I’d like to improve my Italian enough that I don’t have to depend on my husband to answer whenever his family asks me a question!

  5. Heidi A. Seely

    I’ve been struggling lately with the distinction between my life list, and the list of lives I would like to live. For the later, there are hundreds, all of which I can visualize with detail. For the former, I suppose the one thing I’ve been hanging on lately is to live for a year in a spanish speaking country.

  6. Martha

    Move to a farmstead to raise chickens, bees and a huge garden of flowers and veggies. This has been on my list since 1968 or long before you were born. It looks like it will happen next spring. Don’t give up!

  7. Nicole

    First thing on my life list: Go on an African safari and visit the Sheldrick Trust Orphans Project. Can’t wait to cross it off!

  8. Joanne

    Buy a “big-girl” camera, learn how to really use it well, and take a vacation with the sole purpose of taking lovely photos.

  9. Reena

    Take my kid to live in India for a few months. I did this at 26 and it made me realize how fortunate I am to live here in the US and how great America really is.

  10. Chelsey Hochmuth

    One thing on my life to do list is to get a job, like a travel writer, that will let me travel the world while I work.

  11. ris

    I want to live abroad for at least a year! Not feasible right now (partner is in grad school) but we WILL make it happen, eventually.

  12. KitS

    This giveaway is fantastic. Fantastic.
    One item (that happens to be the most ambitious) I just added to my life list: be famous enough that my birthday is announced on NPR’s Morning Edition.

  13. Chaesq

    At the risk of sounding totally cliche…. write a book (specifically, about my dad’s family history in & after North Korea)!!!!

  14. Jenny

    Travel! I don’t need things, but I crave experiences. Specifically, I’d love to spend a month in Paris.

  15. Jenn

    I would really like to run a marathon. Sometimes imagining the feeling of accomplishment that would give me is what gets me to the gym when I’m just not feeling it!

  16. liz

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for thinking of us!!!

    My life list item that I’m going to get to cross off this winter is to snorkel a reef — I’m heading to Key West in a few months, baby!

  17. Arlene

    It’s hard to pick a favorite item from my life list….but I think the thing I want to do most in my life is hold a koala like a baby (I have lofty goals, as you can see.)

  18. Cass

    I’m making this one happen this weekend: Bury daffodil bulbs and be there to watch them bloom over and over again.

    I’m GIDDY.

  19. pseudostoops

    I think this is the year that I’ll accomplish the item on my list that inspired me to learn to sew: make my kid a homemade Halloween costume. (She’s going to be Olivia the pig.)

  20. amy

    i want to start a tradition…i’m thinking Friendsgiving, dinner with our close friends and all our kids the weekend before Thanksgiving, and do it every single year

  21. Rachel

    As I was putting my phone (read: alarm clock) in my bedside table the other night, I saw one of the piece of paper with my life list on it. I started my to do list 9 years ago, but then started re-vamping it a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the original, so now my list spans multiple, different-sized sheets of paper.

    So the other night, I see one of the small sheets and the item on the list that stuck out was “Walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain.” My husband and I took a leap of faith (supported by med school student loan money–OUCH) and used his last long summer break to walk the camino this summer. I’ll never ever regret it, even when we are still paying it off in 15 years!!

  22. Monique

    I have started to pursue my life goal of becoming a naturopathic physician. It is scary to change careers in my 30’s, but I know that it is the right choice for me.

  23. Kelly

    I want to go zip-lining. Preferably in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to wait until my babies are older to accomplish this one…

  24. Sheri

    Lovely giveaway package!

    I want to get back to travelling – I miss it so much. I’d also love to write a novel/ travel journal/ blog to record my experiences. I didn’t do that when I was travelling a lot before and I regret it.

  25. kat

    One of my life goals is to figure out my father’s life – I have a handful of photos and a few random stories to track down.

  26. Sarah R.

    Leave city life behind for a year and live in the quiet of the country where my feet are on grass more than concrete.

  27. Gloria

    To take my mother on a trip to Bora Bora– a place she’s always dreamed of but never been able to afford to see.

  28. Erin

    Build a house. Maybe not the physical labor part, but the choose a lot, select a floorplan, determine every finish part.

  29. Melissa

    There are so many things…but skydive is definitely up there. A friend did it a few weeks ago and I was awfully jealous.

  30. Angreerah

    I would like to start an animal anti-cruelty program in the local schools. Lately we have had a run of children torturing animals and I’d like to use my advocacy and teaching skills for good.

  31. Kate

    An item on my Life List is to go one year where I send a snail mail birthday card to every friend I have. I’ve missed the boat for this calendar year, but I think I can start stockpiling cards now for next year!

  32. Elizabeth

    To sweep my fiancé off to the airport and take him on a surprise vacation. It’s going to be awesome!

  33. Kristina S

    Climb a mountain and I did it last summer – summiting Mt Elbert in Colorado – the highest of the 14teeners. Since then I’ve climbed 4 more and I love it!

  34. Mandi

    I hope to run a 5K. I know that’s a little goal in terms of races, but it’s a big deal in terms of my health challenges (lupus and asthma primarily.)

  35. leandra

    Attend all the Grand Slam tennis tournaments — we already have the French Open under our belts and we are flying to Melbourne for the Australian Open in January!

  36. kasaro

    i recently added this item to my list — i want to hike the west coast trail on vancouver island. it’s a crazy 47 mile backpacking trip that takes several days, and i’m terrified of it. but i think that automatically means it has to be on my list.

  37. amk

    Life list #36: Throw a party for my favorite 20 people where I pay for their travel, lodging, and entertainment for a weekend.

  38. Meg

    Looking at my list today I just realized I completed an item this summer. My son and I learned all the Greek Myths! Now onto #39: make pasta from scratch– it always tastes better than any other!

  39. Jen

    One entry on my life list is to run a 5k with my husband. I’ve never run a full mile without stopping, and to complete a race would be amazing!

  40. Amy C.

    Still working on my life list, but here’s one that I have no idea how to tackle:

    -Be in a room full of stylish people, and not only be just as stylish as them, but FEEL just as comfortable as I normally do.

  41. Megan

    OMG, this one sounds so cheesy, but it’s the newest one on an old list that needs a refresh, something I realized is an endless source of good and that I feel increasingly bad when I stray from: approach people and situations with an open heart.

  42. Dani

    My life list has one item, and it has taken me a long time to get to this, but in a months time I am going to have a hysterectomy and give myself my life back from the pesky fibroids that have held me at ransom (and made me look 6 months pregnant) for the Past 5 years!
    PS. I am in Australia but will PAY FOR MY OWN FREIGHT! Just so I can finally take part in a mighty giveaway!
    Cheers, dani

  43. Renee

    I want to learn French so that I can speak with my fiance’s grandma. She’s 83 years old and has cancer. I’d like to be able to tell her in French how much I love her grandson and family before she passes.

  44. Jen

    “Become someone’s mama.”
    Whew. Seriously, it still brings me to tears. When I added it to my list a few years ago, that’s what it took to finally be honest with myself that yes, I want THAT.

    My husband and I have suffered through three miscarriages, all at around 12 weeks, and after 7 years of infertility, it took WRITING IT DOWN to smack me in the face and make me take action.

    So after lots, and lots of driving, money, injections, examinations, tests, procedures, and tears – I am…pregnant.

    I am…in my third trimester as of yesterday.

    I am…going to be someone’s mama.

    Thank you for pushing me to actually fucking write it down.

  45. Sarah Lena

    I am always hesitant to have a Life List, because I often feel like just getting through the day sans homicide should be enough. BUT.

    If you were to inquire my hero, I would answer (without hesitation) that it is Jim Henson. What he did with puppets crossed racial, socioeconomic, and language barriers, and he did it all WITH FELT. On my Life List is to visit the Muppet Workshop in New York and design my own puppet, so I can learn puppetry and use it in inner city schools around my county.

  46. Mags

    Run a 10K. I’ve been revising this one upwards as I go longer distances and pass old goals; who knows when I’ll stop? (But seriously, I’ll probably stop soon, because running is hard. Heh.)

  47. Rachel Kapitan

    To dance with my father at a party for my parents on their lawn in the country (with lightning bugs flickering) because we’ve never once danced.

  48. Sally

    Write a letter to my high school guidance counselor who encouraged me to be a writer (even though he insisted I stay in honors statistics).

  49. Quin

    I’d like to live for a month off the grid with my family. Our extended family has a yurt in the Colorado wilderness: no electricity, a nearby stream for water, a wood-burning stove, and no neighbours for miles. I’d like to give it a go on our own in the woods — allowing us a few trips to a grocery store for the month.

  50. Kelly Dyer

    I have two daughters. Their middle names are “Sakura” and “Mei” which are both flowering trees in Japan. I would like to take both of them to Japan and get pictures with their trees.

  51. Emily

    I want to move someplace that we plan on staying for a while and establish a community for me (and my family)!

  52. Lindsay

    High up on my life list is to start my own non-profit organization, taking what I’ve seen and learned and the wonderful people I have met along the way and venturing out on my own.

  53. Natalie

    Go to England with my husband, who has never been. I haven’t been in 10 years, and I’m dying to go back!

  54. Erin

    renovate and live in an old factory (I’ve got my eye on an old grocery store in my neighborhood that just might do the trick!)

  55. Karen

    Go to Canada: just checked it off the list, and, more important, I went with my husband who has never been out of the country before!

  56. Maggie K.

    I would love to take my dad on a trip to London. He’s never been outside North America and I’d love to show him Europe.

  57. Monique

    Master my roadbike! I am a regular ‘normal’ biking person and bought a roadbike that I am terrified to ride. It’s been on the list for two years running so it’s time to make it happen!

    Thanks for the opportunities to win those goodies. :)

  58. rachel swartley

    #27 on my Life List: “See a show on Broadway.”

    On Saturday, my husband and I drove 100 miles to NYC because his picture was on a digital billboard in Times Square.

    True story.

    While we were there, we went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Check! The show was fantastic. And I absolutely had my digital SLR wrapped up in a scarf in my tote bag. :)

  59. Amber

    Learn how to read knitting patterns and actually knit myself something (instead of making stuff up as I go along and never really finishing anything).

  60. Jessi

    I always said going back to school and getting some sort of degree was on my list. I finally decided it wasn’t going to happen unless I actually MADE it happen. I just started school again (part-time because I’m a stay-at-home mom) and will have my Associate’s in Accounting in a few years. I’m so excited!

  61. Violeta

    Build a family business that gives my family stability as well as some flexibility to pursue all our passions.

  62. Liz

    Finish a baby sweater I’ve been knitting for seven (!) years. I’m pregnant with my second, so…no time like the present!

  63. Krissa

    Usually, I try and pick an accomplishable-this-year Life List item to tell you about, but let’s go a little wild. Item 31 on my list is “drive a four-wheeled car through a shallow riverbed crossing”.

  64. Justine

    Hear the words, “You are an Ironman!” said to me.. (Less in a Robert Downey Jr. way, more in the run/bike/swim way.. I would be okay with Robert Downey Jr. being the one saying the words, though.)

  65. Kaitlyn

    One of my life list items is to figure out a way to get myself blogging regularly. I’ve started and stopped a few times and I need a kick in the butt to keep me going.

  66. Kizz

    I actually just got back from completing 2 Life List items. I wanted to take at least one more trip with my mom and I wanted to go to Italy. Fortunately my mom did too so we (and another friend) spent 9 days eating, drinking, and enjoying the heck out of the country. I also added 5 or 6 more museums to my Visit 100 Museums item on the Life List. It was a productive trip! Next up, Go on at least one more trip with my dad. He’s kind of dragging his heels about choosing a place.

  67. Rachel L

    To have a wall of family photos and meaningful art cascading up the stairs. I just bought my first house 6 months ago and I’ve started the photo wall already. And I love it.

  68. Janna

    Self-employed, recently separated, having struggled for a long time to support myself/us:

    I want to provide for myself, in style.

  69. elz

    I completed all my running goals-5K, 10K, Half Marathon (x3!). Now I aim for at least 3 Half Marathons per year! It wasn’t on my list, but I’m sending my kids to sleep-away camps every year. It was a GREAT experience for my older daughter last year and I want to make sure it happens every year.

  70. Clair

    I’m working on a career change, taking classes and lining up informational interviews. It’s a little scary, but absolutely worth the effort.

  71. Stacey

    To visit London, and to buy an entire set of Harry Potter hardcovers in the closest book shop to King’s Cross Station.

  72. Kelly

    To camp in every National Park in the US (58) with my family before my two little ones graduate from High School!

  73. Sarah Clarke

    I want to take a full month of vacation. Four continuous weeks of true vacation, during which I spend my days enjoying myself and my family, getting real rest, and do not once check in with the office.

  74. Jen

    I’m currently in the midst of item “live abroad” which is 80% amazing, 17% terrifying and 3% heartbreaking. And while I’m not in North America right now, having that sweet prize waiting there for me might make a visit home that much sweeter.

  75. DC

    Write a symphony! And I’m finally going to do it, too–this morning I was accepted to a 3-month artist residency in New Mexico!

  76. Katie K

    See the Southern Cross.

    I was an astronomy student in college, and I want to see a whole new set of stars.

  77. jill

    Go on a volunteer vacation to Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica and nurse those little baby sloths back to health.

  78. Jenn dePaula

    Start a free online school for struggling musicians, artists, and authors to teach them how to properly market, promote and sell their products online. Working on it now!!

  79. Carole

    Visit places romanticized by Mary Stewart: the Aegean Islands, Greece, Southern France, the UK, Ireland…

  80. Ansley

    Play a round of golf with a legitimate score of less than 100. This will require actually learning to play golf (!), but I’m trying to set my sights high. Thanks, Maggie!

  81. Juliann

    Take the time each month to write a letter (poor penmanship and all) to a friend. Who doesn’t love getting mail – especially on lovely stationary?

  82. Jen

    #1 on my life list this year is to make my daughter a big sister. I’m not currently pregnant, but I’m throwing it out to the universe that I want to be. Wish me luck!

  83. Beth C.

    Take my family on a month-long trip to Alaska in a Winnebego. (An Airstream would be even better…but let’s not get bogged down in the details!)

  84. Jenny

    To visit/meet my family living in Malta. I’m 1/2 Maltese and have always wanted to experience the beautiful country for myself. Once my husband is finished with his grad school/training we are planning the trip! Can’t come soon enough!

  85. Catherine

    Life List #14: Take a trip with just my two sisters (no kids or spouses!).

    And, really, I better get on this, because my little sister is about to move to Korea!

  86. Susan

    I’ve had learn to swim on my life list for a while now. Yesterday I swam 900 yards. Go me.

    Exchanging that goal for swim a mile without stopping.

  87. Cristin

    I want to toilet train my 4th child. The freedom, 10 years in to diapering, is like low-hanging fruit right in front of me.

  88. Amanda

    I’ve been working on my life list for the past year (inspired by you, of course!) and one of my greatest hope is to have a baby! Working on it!

  89. jenny

    Just added: photograph all of the city parks in Denver (because you inspired me with your library portraits and because I LOVE Parks and Rec).

  90. Martha

    I’ll share one item that I put on my life list when I was 20 that I have accomplished: Live in another country for a year. I’ve now been living in Canada for five, and even though it wasn’t what I envisioned as to living in another country I love it here!
    One new item: I loved Anna Beth Chao’s recent recommendation that you buy yourself one item from your wishlist for five years, and then at the end of five years you’ll have five things you love. It seems like a very consumerist life list item, but it resonated with me. The first item I’m saving up for is a pair of black super high Swedish Hasbeen clogs.

  91. Katie

    Learn to properly use my kitchen knives, so that I can be more convincing when I pretend I am on Top Chef while cutting veggies.

  92. Shash

    I want to attend a surf camp for a week, preferably in Central America or New Zealand. But if it HAS to be Hawaii I will take what I can get. :)

  93. LauraM

    To do an honest-to-goodness pull-up. It’s achievable, but so, so hard. We put a pull-up bar in the doorway to the bedroom. I’m getting microscopic hairs closer to that bar. And when I do, I’ll be a movie-star-superhero.

  94. Sabrina

    Communicate how important organ donation is with the world. As my son may need another transplant one day.

  95. DesignHER Momma

    I have big and small things on my life list. From milking a cow to visiting Shanghai. One thing I really want to knock off my list is witnessing a natural birth, one that doesn’t involve me pushing out the baby.

  96. Lauren

    I had a really tough time chosing one thing from life list…
    *Quit my job and do something that makes me happier*Have a dog*Go to the RedHead festival in Amsterdam *Hike the AT*Ride a camel to the pyramids*Learn to make flan, and host regular festival of flans*Learn how to french braid*Go to massage school*Walk the Camino de santiago again, with a friend* Get pedicures with 15 different girl friends*Become a regular at a restaurant (checked off!)*

  97. Cristi Whiddon

    I WILL one day see whales from a small dingy. I’ve never seen a whale live and in person and I’m dying to get up close and personal with them and hopefully a few dolphins.

  98. Janna Lee

    I am a girlie girl who made a bucket list when going through cancer treatments when I was 19. #12- Complete the Appalachian Trail. So far 350 miles down! only 1800 to go

  99. Lauren

    Figure out how to craft/knot/knit my own hammock… Hang it inside to sleep on like I did when I lived in Mexico one summer in college.

  100. Chelsea

    Get over my fear of riding motorcycles. I have my license and everything – I’m just scared to take one out on the road!

  101. Karina

    I want to quit my job, explore the world and become a college professor. (and p.s. I am writing this at work…)

  102. Leah

    Get married on the beach in my bathing suit and have a bbq reception. I want my day to be fun and relaxed, not stressfull, overdone and cost a lot of money.

  103. VSR

    on my list is to buy a small cabin near running water, fix it up, grow a garden, have an outdoor living room in the summers, and spend weekends there with family and any and all friends who want to come.

  104. Kate

    I’d like to have pictures taken of me that I love to show people. I’d like to do some with my family and some just me. (thanks for the giveaway chance!)

  105. Megan

    Speak spanish fluently. I have been taking classes for the past year. It is slow going but I understand so much more than I ever did before! xo

  106. Chasinash

    Here’s a few of mine:
    Visit 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Eat pizza in New York at one of these: Lombardi’s Little Italy, Grimaldi’s under Brooklyn bridge, Totonno’s Coney Island, Arturo’s Houston St, John’s on Bleeker, Denino’s on Staten Island, Joe’s on Carmike St.

    Take cheesy tourist photo at: Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Sphinx, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Equator, Jesus in Rio, Kjeragbolten, “Atlas” with a rock, Salt flats of Bolivia, Abbey Road, Bruce Lee statue, Oscar Wilde’s Grave, Buckingham Palace balls or Michaelangelo’s David, Blackpool wooden portraits, Peace sign, thumbs up, devil’s horns, a-okay signs

  107. Annie Hall

    To live in a house with a window seat. We’ve got the perfect windows, so now I just need to hire someone to come build it or carve out enough time do my husband to do it.

  108. Gillian

    Be a photographer at a White House Gala (State, maybe, or Correspondents’) Dinner. Inspired by the famous photo of John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana.

  109. Caitlin

    Attend and experience a real American Thanksgiving – I’m Canadian and our Thanksgiving is not the same at all (at least according to my American husband!)

  110. janell

    Say no to something and not bad about it. Spend a quiet day with my husband. Find the easy job that pays a lot. Take my dogs to a mountain. Start running again. Buy that kayak and use it.

  111. Stacee

    To take a risk and move my family back to the city where I think we’ll be happiest. We moved, we tried something different, but it’s never felt like home. Time to make a change.

  112. Amy

    To complete a 1/2 marathon! I’m a life-long non-runner with short thick legs and have been slogging through the Couch to 5K program for three weeks now. This goal feels so far away, but every week I’m a bit closer.

  113. Rebecca

    Life list item – take a week of dance classes in NYC. Been a dream of mine for 20 years. I’m staying in shape and dancing in my hometown so that if I ever get to NYC, I’ll be ready!

  114. Christina

    It’s kind of silly, but I think owning a pair of Tieks is on my life list. They feel prohibitively expensive, though they really aren’t. I should just go for it… unless I win some!

    A more substantial item: See the Aurora Borealis!

  115. Cheryl

    Make a quilt (never attempted before), hopefully with some of the old fabrics in my mom’s collection of remnants. She left this life in February 2011, and I think this would be a lovely (and cozy) was to hold her close.

  116. Krista

    I want to learn to sand and refinish yard sale furniture so well that people will ask where I bought those shelves, hoping to get an identical set.

  117. Megan

    Adopt a child. Am at the earliest stages of putting the pieces together, still hoping to meet the right partner to do it together – but opening up to the possibilities regardless.

  118. Lisa

    I want to get my 3 and 6-year-olds to Japan to meet their Aunties and Uncles. It would be the best to be able to share this experience with my mother-in-law. She’s so proud of these kids!

  119. Mrs. Loch

    Pay off my niece’s student loans once she’s graduated from college.

    Why not just pay for college for her? Because although it was tough I learned more about myself and life in the years that I put myself through school. I took my education seriously and made a point of appreciating the thousands of dollars I was spending to get it. Walking across that stage to get my diploma was the proudest moment of my whole life.

    I want her to have that. And then I want to relieve the burden of all that debt for her.

  120. Kristina

    I want to go to mighty summit actually! And live overseas for awhile, hopefully while my daughter is still young enough to do it with us!

  121. Eliza

    Homebrew. It’s a whole language and science to learn, but opening a bottle with friends on the back porch would be so worth it (even if the first batch is terrible – imagine the stories for years to come)!

  122. meg

    Preform live with a band. Every band I’ve ever been in has never made it out of the garage/warehouse/basement or played for more than 5 people at a time. Even if it’s only 1 song, it would be amazing.

  123. Peggy

    this made me go look at my life list, which I hadn’t looked at in months – thanks! Item # 22 – Learn to juggle.

  124. Jen

    Something wonderful on my Life List is to go to New Orleans! The city has been in my heart since I was a child (thanks to Disneyland’s New Orleans Square), yet I’ve never been there. I want to see the historical sights and hear the Southern sounds of nature. I want to feel the humidity and smell the deep scents of jasmine. I want to taste all of the full and spicy flavors! New Orleans amazes me :)

  125. kayla

    Have a gin and tonic at the Algonquin Hotel, like Dorothy Parker

    I *WILL* be doing this before I hopefully move from NYC this year :)

  126. Rachel Boyer

    i watched a video this morning about a reinforced underground hide in africa from which you can photograph elephants and other wildlife from such a unique perspective…this has become the new #1 on my Life List

  127. Lesley Myrick

    Mighty Summit sounds incredible! Love the idea of creating 5 goals and having a necklace be a daily reminder. On my list (maybe not this year, but sometime!) is to get my artwork published in a magazine. :)

  128. Holly

    When I was little, my mom sang us a song about Mr. Moon, and I can’t wait to put those lyrics (her own!) in a book and give it to her on Christmas morning. Someday!

  129. Summer

    Put on a gorgeous dress and dance with a handsome man to “Dance me to the End of Love,” by Madeline Peyroux.

  130. Nicole Freire

    I’d like to take myself on a trip to Hawaii. Just me and a hammock on the beach. Fruity drink optional. Days of silence and my own companionship. A time and a place to recover myself.

  131. Sabrina

    I want to help my husband reconnect with his twin brother all the while teaching our children – also twins- the importance of family.

  132. Payal

    Live in another country for a year or two. I think my kids will return with a better appreciation for all that we have here.

  133. Elaine

    I’d like to go to culinary school — to quit being worried about savings accounts, jobs, bills, etc., and just spend my time learning more about what I love to do.

  134. Melissa

    I want to have a better relationship with my parents, so that I can have better relationships with my children. <3

  135. Barchbo

    My life list is in constant flux but I think I need to be brave and unselfish enough to try homeschooling for a year.

  136. Laraine

    Start and maintain a blog. Which will hopefully be jump started by Ms. Alice Bradley’s new writing course :)

  137. Charissa

    Visit the date markets in Iraq. OK, so this might or might not be realistically safe for an American, but it’s a dream of mine.

  138. Cariss

    Ok so I am crap at running and swimming is ehhhh and biking..well. I’m a bit wobbly. So is it too ambitious to want to do a triathlon?

  139. Cior

    I’m going to share many, as it’s still only one entry and I LOVE SHARING!

    1. Learn how to crochet
    2. Take a year off to go sailing
    3. Make a stellar osso bucco
    4. Build an ofuro in my bathroom
    5. Speak Japanese well
    6. Knit a sweater for my husband
    7. Attend a birth
    8. Invent something
    9. Learn some kick ass dance moves
    10. Go shooting
    11. Write a novella
    12. Make a beautiful home office
    13. Own a piano again
    14. Own a bike again
    15. Drive all over France
    16. Have a best friend
    17. Refinish the coffeetable
    18. Go scuba diving
    19. Meet Eustace Conway

  140. Bluejay

    When I’m old, do something I’m way too old to do. (I met an 87-year-old hiking the Appalachian trail. Not bad).

  141. Ari

    To perfect a biscuit recipe *and write it down* (my sainted great aunt passed without noting or divulging hers. Such a loss!)

  142. Sarah

    Learn how to snorkel! This is on my list especially because deep water is scary and this item terrifies me. Which means, I need to do it.

  143. Sam E.

    I want to learn to play the piano. Not fancy, not concertos or anything (is that a thing? on the piano? I have no idea); I just want to be able to sit down and whirl out a ditty. I imagine like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” only without the being-stuck-in-a-timeloop-purgatory part.

  144. Lee

    I want to learn how to swim. I’m a 31 year old mother of three little ones… two of whom are becoming excellent swimmers, who wish for their mother to jump into the pool with them.

  145. Suzi B

    My young family is growing up and my role will be changing! In the next year I want to reactivate my nursing license and re-enter the workforce after 5 years. Exciting and scary to re-re-invent myself!

  146. greta

    To really become a member of my community. I’ve lived in a lot of different places, and while it’s lovely having friends all over the place, it leaves me feeling a little bit adrift when I’m at my (current) home. There’s a chance we may move again in a year or two… but I really like where we are now, and I’d like to feel like I’m truly a part of it, instead of just passing through.

  147. zeynep

    I’d like to spend more time with friends this year. I feel like I’ve let work take all my energy for things and have neglected time with important people in my life. I’d really like to change this as I start growing my family and want my dear friends to be a part of my new family’s life.

  148. NIkki

    I have many on my list, thanks to you! My most recent addition is to learn to sail. Yep. And I can’t wait!

  149. Erin

    I don’t aspire to be an Actress with a capital A. However, I really really want to be in either a costume/period piece just for the dress-up fun or I want to be in a movie where they use your childhood photos as the character’s childhood photos. I don’t know why, but I love that…perhaps originating from the Growing Pains montage.

  150. Corley

    # 4. Have a big, serious, producing organic garden. I’m at 500 sq ft, not I just need to accomplish the PRODUCING part. More than just okra, at least.

  151. Tamara

    I want to sit down with my sewing machine and one of the many shoulder bag patterns I’ve ‘pinned’ and actually make one.

  152. Missy

    1. Take a reiki class
    2. Go geode hunting with my son
    3. Go on a great beach vacation for our ten-year anniversary
    4. Learn to grill a perfect steak
    5. Publish an essay in the nyt sunday magazine
    6. Really enjoy my son’s childhood

  153. Sandra MG

    I want to start my own business. Invent something. Go big or go home.

    This is me putting it out into the universe and get this life lift item started!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!! :)

  154. Shelley White

    Build a blanket tent in my living room and have a “camp-out” with my son, complete with ghost stories…