6 thoughts on “Tiny Car

  1. Is that an Isetta? I so covet one. There used to be a black one parked fairly regularly on Noe near Duboce, but I hardly ever see it anymore. Maybe they got tired of wiping my nose-prints off the windows.


  2. I saw one of these just off Sloane Square in London a few weeks ago. Exactly the same colour, too. Synchronicity!

    (Apparently they can’t reverse? So if you drive down a cul-de-sac, you have to get out, pick it up and put it down facing the other way. That’s why they made them so tiny and portable.)


  3. Antonia, that is fantastic. In the States, they mostly serve as snacks for hungry SUVs, so they probably don’t survive long enough to ever need to turn around.


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