28 thoughts on “8 Months Since My Last Haircut

  1. Jan

    I think the longest I’ve ever left it between haircuts is about 14 months…and that was because my hairdresser moved to Australia. I like his work so much that I waited until he came back. My hair got VERY long in the meantime :)

  2. Natalie

    hi. 8 months since my last hair cut too. i think we should start a club. or a support group? do you find that the longer you go between hair cuts the more paralyzed you become about making hair-related decisions? (i also just had a baby, which i hear can make hair-related decisions doubly difficult?) (ours is a henry too, we call him huck.)

  3. Jan

    I haven’t had a haircut since September 2008. For almost all my life, I’ve worn my hair pretty short but decided to let it grow long enough to donate to Locks of Love or something like that, and still have enough to have it just down my shoulders. The woman who does my hair says I’ve got another year or so to go.

    It’s about 5″ (?) below my shoulders and I have to say I’m liking the versatility of it, especially on a bad hair day when a band or clip makes it all better, something you can’t do with short hair. Washing it, though, is a PITA. Still, I’ve come this far and I’m not going to bail on it now.

  4. Leah

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who goes months and months between haircuts. I used to never cut my hair (other than split end trims done by my mom), but I keep it a bit shorter these days. I always mean to go in more often, but I get lazy.

  5. Meg

    Perhaps we should talk about my amazing stylist. I kind of want to get my hair cut every week so we can hang out and talk about Lindsey Lohan and what actors are in the closet. Plus, he undercharges and is a brilliant colorist (perfect for those of us who started going grey in our mid-20’s. Grr.)

  6. ahrusso

    thats my hair tooo! I just cut mine yesterday 2 inches off bottom and then layers all over the place. I fin that with think, curly hair the crazier the better :) also i use a hair serum called sil drops, ITS FLIPPIN AMAZING!!!! Cheers to big hair!

  7. Ellyn

    I’m in bad shape hair-wise. I don’t remember when my last trim even was. I know it was definitely before the birth of my almost 10 month old child! Yikes. It’s just really hard to make decisions about hair these days… I need to just take the plunge I’spose.

  8. Meegan

    So Tawny Kitaen of you.

    When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t cut my hair for the entire pregnancy. I basked in the glory of long, shiny, healthy hair. After I delivered, all that lovely hair started falling out…by the handful. So chubby, tired, irritable me finally went for a hair cut and walked out with short hair that I hated. New moms should not make drastic changes to their appearance.

  9. dgm

    I consider PLU (People Like Us) lucky to go so long without a haircut without really noticing. I finally just got mine cut, but it had “only” been four months.

    I’m a no-shampoo girl who cleans with (paraben-free) conditioner and it’s made a huge difference in the health of my hair as well as its controllability when it rains. Your hair is awesome!

  10. cheryl

    my hair gets frightful if it even hears rumours of rain…or humidity…or fog (which is awful since an umbrella is useless). i’ve described it as an electrocuted troll doll

  11. Bahiyyih

    serum, baby! i’m a curly girl who recently gave up the mousse and gel, and serum and curl creme have taken over. even my humid days are curly and soft. :o)

  12. kate

    This is small of me, but thank you for showing us that you aren’t always completely put together and adorable. ;)

    That said, your hair is SO GORGEOUS; pease don’t ever get a blow-out. I would kill for your beautiful curls and color.

  13. Brittany

    I think I have a hair crush on you. My hair looks a lot like yours in this photo on most days. That said, we seem to have very similar hair, but I have no clue how to make mine behave. Do you have any styling tips for wavy / curly / frizzy hair? I’m sick of covering mine up w/ a hat. Although I do knit some lovely hats.

  14. BeckyC

    Oh, dear, yes. My childhood nickname in humid, hot Florida was “AfroDome.” Like the Astrodome but with big hair. I’ve grown to love it now. And, leave-in conditioner.

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