Gifts for Mermaids

6th December 2010

Lately, I’ve been having dreams about swimming.

Sea Star for Your Hair. Mini Gator Clip.

Gray White and Black Rock Wreath With Shell Fossils or Candle Ring (RW64)

Delicate Seahorse Pendant

Gaudi Collar -Sterling Silver. Geometric Bubble choker

Jellyfish Line Drawing

limpet ring

Seahorses 8×12

Shimmery Koi Paper Mobile

5 thoughts on “Gifts for Mermaids

  1. sunny

    pretty! and way better than a manatee (Did you see last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother? That would explain the manatee.)

  2. Cindy

    That limpet ring is gorgeous. This post also reminds me that I have a very large jar full of shells that I’ve been planning on turning into necklaces. Must get on that.

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