Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 4

6th April 2010

This is the kind of thing Jaime wears on a casual day out when she thinks she might run into an ex boyfriend. All right, maybe I’m projecting a little. Her leggings are Wolford.

The happy pink skirt is from COS in Copenhagen. Jaime is totally powerless in the face of unexpected pleats.

Her T-shirt is Vanessa Bruno; Jaime gives a thumbs up to their basics.

Her suede flats are Sigerson Morrison, purchased at Nida in San Francisco. I just realized that I’ve never seen Jaime limping in her shoes. Even on her wedding day, she wore a pair of flat sandals under her dress.

The girl with the comfy flats always gets the last laugh.

Tomorrow, Jaime’s cocktail look and final outfit. See you there!

11 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 4

  1. mme_M

    Interesting choices, but the price point seems a bit on the high end! Vanessa Bruno is French, btw. I must agree that I love their basics and miss the special shop Nida had that carried only Vanessa Bruno.

  2. Maria

    I can’t believe I’m considering leggings as a potentially acceptable part of my wardrobe… But then, THE SHOES! Love at first sight.

  3. brandi

    I found a pair of Sigerson Morrison basic black flats in a resale shop three years ago for $30(!). I have worn them just about every day since. They make my feet so happy.

  4. Maggeh Post author

    Deleted the part about Vanessa Bruno being a Japanese designer. She’s apparently half French, half Danish? Though she has lots of boutiques in Japan.

  5. alexis

    love, love, love this simple outfit. i may sport something similar from now on, thank you.

  6. Long Story Longer

    Admittedly I’m a Plain Jane, but this is my favorite so far. Beautiful simplicity. Unfortunately, I could only pull that off if my body somehow got cut in half.

  7. nelking

    Unlike, Jaime, I do have power over unexpected pleats:) Otherwise, I too, might consider leggings after seeing this. And the Sigerson Morrisons, totally forgot about that brand. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. mme_M

    Vanessa Bruno is definitely big in Japan! Many Japanese girls (including yours truly) adore her simple chic. I didn’t know she’s half-danish supermodel. :)

  9. Jenny

    Hi! just discovered your blog a bit ago- love it.

    Anywho- I LOOOOVE that skirt and the whole outfit. It’s just simple and pretty and feminine.

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