Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 5

Jaime does cocktail just right. Her outfits are always spot on, but vaguely disinterested, like she ran home to throw something on quickly because she was playing late-afternoon tennis. Except she’s not sweaty. Maybe she was having a late afternoon chess match. As one does.

She bought the scarf to wear with her wedding dress in 2008. She uses it all the time, and says it’s surprisingly warm. (You may remember Jaime as the bride who remained unnaturally calm when the florist didn’t order the flowers I planned to use in her bouquet. Jaime was a shockingly laid back bride.)

The dress is from Hengst, in the Mission. The sexy see-through with no actual reveal is right up Jaime’s alley.

Here’s a close up of the front. As you can see, I’ve dragged Jaime back to the garage again. The light was incredible in there. Nothing like some spectacular garage portraits to remember the paint cans by.

Her shoes are Helmut Lang, purchased from City Soles in Chicago. They’re like a heeled flip flop, but with a raised edge to keep you from stubbing your toes.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for letting me take pictures of you in front of all your neighbors, Jaime. Also for inspiring me to edit my closet. Does anyone want an orange feather boa and a sequin tube top?

19 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 5

  1. Jeez, Maggie, do you have any friends who AREN’T beautiful and totally stylish? This series makes me feel like a total schlub, but in a good way. Or… no, actually I’m kind of horrified by the entirety of my wardrobe now.


  2. Molly, all of my friends are totally beautiful. It’s something in the water here. Not all of them are stylish, just the ones I’m showing you. Though it’s much easier to be stylish in a town with an H&M.


  3. I think I need an orange feather boa. And that dress.

    In other news, I had a dream a few nights ago that you were cleaning out your closets, and left a pile of free clothes out on my street (I live in San Francisco, but I don’t think we’re neighbors). It was a pretty awesome dream.


  4. To be fair (and I am not saying this with an unpleasant tone, please believe me) it’s also a lot easier to be so stylish if you are well below a size 10 and able to go braless without a second thought. I mean, I am not disproportionate or exceptionally enormous — I’m a very hourglass-y 14-16, and really busty — but there isn’t anything at, say, H&M that I could wear, and I cannot comfortably go braless in a fancy dress. Designer-y clothes generally don’t go beyond the smaller end of the size spectrum, and it’s really hard to find vintage dresses that fit if you are an E/F cup, even if you’re fairly small-waisted in proportion. This isn’t a complaint — I don’t think I’ve ever come close to having similar tastes at all to the women you’ve featured in these, so I don’t go into it looking for fashion inspiration/direction anyway (I enjoy these a great deal, though, in spite of that) — it’s just an observation, and more aimed at the commenter who said this was making her feel like a schlub, because — it shouldn’t!


  5. How about a barter: I’ll trade you the orange feather boa in exchange for my bright blue tights. Oh trends, you are so fickle.


  6. I am so excited to go shopping in my neighborhood (Helen Yi and City Soles). I had taken a shopping hiatus (being pregnant, losing weight, not having time, etc.) I am inspired to go check things out again. Thanks, Jamie. And, thank you Maggie for Mighty Closet!


  7. City Soles in Chicago is my most favorite shoe store ever! I used to live just blocks away and spent way too much money there in my day. I miss it so!


  8. I feel like I need to go on vacation to Chicago to go shopping, which is not a feeling I ever thought I’d have.
    I’ll probably just go to Hengst and molest the clothing for a while instead.


  9. Do trendy people gravitate to you?!
    Sometimes I just have to laugh when I read your website, my friends and I wear jeans and a clean shirt when we “dress up.”


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