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Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 5

7th April 2010

Jaime does cocktail just right. Her outfits are always spot on, but vaguely disinterested, like she ran home to throw something on quickly because she was playing late-afternoon tennis. Except she’s not sweaty. Maybe she was having a late afternoon chess match. As one does.

She bought the scarf to wear with her wedding dress in 2008. She uses it all the time, and says it’s surprisingly warm. (You may remember Jaime as the bride who remained unnaturally calm when the florist didn’t order the flowers I planned to use in her bouquet. Jaime was a shockingly laid back bride.)

The dress is from Hengst, in the Mission. The sexy see-through with no actual reveal is right up Jaime’s alley.

Here’s a close up of the front. As you can see, I’ve dragged Jaime back to the garage again. The light was incredible in there. Nothing like some spectacular garage portraits to remember the paint cans by.

Her shoes are Helmut Lang, purchased from City Soles in Chicago. They’re like a heeled flip flop, but with a raised edge to keep you from stubbing your toes.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for letting me take pictures of you in front of all your neighbors, Jaime. Also for inspiring me to edit my closet. Does anyone want an orange feather boa and a sequin tube top?

Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 4

6th April 2010

This is the kind of thing Jaime wears on a casual day out when she thinks she might run into an ex boyfriend. All right, maybe I’m projecting a little. Her leggings are Wolford.

The happy pink skirt is from COS in Copenhagen. Jaime is totally powerless in the face of unexpected pleats.

Her T-shirt is Vanessa Bruno; Jaime gives a thumbs up to their basics.

Her suede flats are Sigerson Morrison, purchased at Nida in San Francisco. I just realized that I’ve never seen Jaime limping in her shoes. Even on her wedding day, she wore a pair of flat sandals under her dress.

The girl with the comfy flats always gets the last laugh.

Tomorrow, Jaime’s cocktail look and final outfit. See you there!

Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 3

2nd April 2010

This coat is so Jackie 2010, it probably came with giant sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes in the pockets. Jaime got this at Helen Yi in Chicago, and it has some nice details.

I love necklines like this because you don’t need to bother with a scarf.

It also has nice deep pockets so you can leave your purse home too.

Here’s what’s underneath the coat. This is the kind of thing Jaime wears to a nice dinner or holiday party.

The blouse is Tracy Reese, also from Helen Yi. Ms. Yi knows her audience.

Jaime’s skirt is from Sabine Poupinel in Copenhagen, and it has surprise blue lining in the pockets. Colored or patterned lining just makes me feel more pulled together. Blue pockets are such an incentive to shave your legs.

Her wool tights are Wolford.

The patent wedge heels are from a Zara in Hong Kong. Brown patent is not something you see every day.

A lot of Jaime’s jewelry is sentimental; her grandmother gave her the pearls. Her earrings were a gift from her mother-in-law who received them from her husband shortly after she was married.

This is what Jaime does when you mention that she’s been scowling at your lens for the better part of an hour.

Ah! There she is.

On Monday we’ll be back with leggings. Leggings! Don’t try to resist, they are rad.

Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 1

30th March 2010

Hooray, a new Mighty Closet! My friends, it has been too long.

This is Jaime Chen, a dear friend with incredible taste. Pity she’s so unattractive.

Her hideous deformities aside, I admire Jaime’s approach to wardrobe building because it’s the opposite of how I shop, and the results are enviable. She focuses on buying clothes she knows she’ll wear, which means she’s willing to pay more when she finds something she loves. I buy everything that interests me and is under $20. We go shopping all the time and she almost never buys anything. I find myself baffled, shoving shiny things at her in an effort to feel less alone in my rampant consumerism, but she remains steadfast.

Her outer jacket is by Hengst, purchased in the Mission. Jaime is incredibly faithful to brands, and Hengst is one of her favorites. In fact, she owns a heaver version of this same jacket in wool.

This warmup jacket is by Heff Christiansen, purchased at Helen Yi in Chicago. Jaime is also faithful to stores once she feels like she can trust the selection, so Helen Yi is another favorite. The grey cords are J Brand.

The back of the jacket is the best part, by the way. Jaime was trained as an architect, and her clothes reflect an interest in structure. Her pink tank is by Vince. She owns it in two other colors, which she has yet to wear, because she’s hoarding them for when the pink one dies.

Her colorful wallet was a gift from her husband Henning. It’s a mywalit from the I.D.E.A. Living store in Amsterdam. Now let’s talk about The Bag — it’s from the Pleats Please line by Issey Miyake. Jaime has been looking for a bag for years, since I met her in fact.

She finally found it when she randomly walked into Mio for the first time. I was actually surprised by her choice, particularly the color — Jaime tends to wear lots of grey and black. The fabric is so lightweight that the empty bag is almost weightless. There are tons of pockets, and it ripples and folds along those triangle shapes, so it looks like a completely different shape whenever you change how you’re holding it. So killer.

These boots aren’t so bad either. As I’ve mentioned before, San Francisco is a walking city. Jaime’s hill-friendly boots are by an unknown Japanese designer, purchased at Cotton Sheep in Hayes Valley.

Nicely played, Chen. Tune in tomorrow to see Jaime wearing a fedora without looking like she planned her whole outfit around it. I’m still not sure how she does that.