7 thoughts on “Placenta! It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Joyce

    Oh Maggie…your look of complete revulsion is hilarious!

    The scoop….I had my first baby in Germany, in a normal hospital (which was like a birthing playground, I kid you not). We had heard about how they make Homeopathic medicine from the placenta from our regular/Homeopathic doctor and thought “sounds interesting…why not”. So after the birth, our midwife took a slice of the placenta and sent it in to a lab that made several different types of medicines from it. I now have remedies for a slight late period, for a late, late period, when I or the kid (now 7) gets sick and for stress. Believe or not (or maybe they are just fabulous placebos)…it works. This, from the most squeamish person on the planet..go figure.

  2. Kara

    Hmmm… is it still cannibalism if the body part (placenta in this case) doesn’t come from a dead person? Personally, I think that it is.

    I am normally an adventurous eater, but this is really too far beyond the pale for me! I confess that I couldn’t even watch the video!

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