Lifescoop: Gadget Case Roundup

25th March 2010

We have a drawer at our house with a collection of slightly broken things — a fully functional iPhone with a shattered screen, a point and shoot that sometimes deletes entire memory cards on a whim, etcetera.

Looking in the drawer, it occurs to me that the convenience of throwing gadgets in my bag is perhaps outweighed by the cost of replacing them when they bang into each other and break. But cases offer the best of both worlds — relatively free-floating gadgets that still work when you turn them on. Here are five stylish options to protect your gadgets without adding too much bulk to your bag. Read more…

3 thoughts on “Lifescoop: Gadget Case Roundup

  1. Laura @ PARING DOWN

    All three of our kids have iphones, and my hubby found a guy online in our area (Houston) who replaces screens for $100. We have replaced 3 screens now, by the way (which comes out of their allowances.) You should be able to find someone in the Bay area who could take care of yours as well.


  2. Stephanie


    Do you have something to hold your DSLR camera that you slip into a normal purse? I’m looking for something to protect my Canon xsi with the lens attached that I can use when I don’t want to lug an extra bag around with me. But it’s tough to find! Thanks for your recommendations!

  3. Maggeh

    Whoa, thanks Laura. It’s time.

    Stephanie, good question. I can’t believe I didn’t think to include one. I’ll answer that on Mighty Girl today.

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